Jennifer Aniston Prepares Recovery From Baby’s Birth With Plastic Surgery Makeover

Jennifer Aniston Prepares Recovery From Baby’s Birth With Plastic Surgery Makeover

She’s not even pregnant yet but according to recent reports she is already formulating a mommy makeover to overhaul her body after delivering a child. Jennifer Aniston is supposedly ready to drop a million bucks on a tummy tuck, boob lift, stretch mark removal, plastic surgery and so on! Jen has been a long time fitness fanatic and would also hire trainer-to-the-stars Tracey Anderson to help whip her back into shape after having her baby.

The February 11th issue of OK Magazine has the breakdown of what Jen is willing to spend in order to keep herself hot and sexy even after becoming a mom. First however, she has to actually conceive. Jen has been talking for years about motherhood but so far it hasn’t been in the cards for her. Part of the reason is her shaky relationship choices since splitting with Brad Pitt. The actress either isn’t the best judge of men or else she has had a run of really bad luck. Either way it has left her creeping into her mid-40’s with no family of her own.

While Justin Theroux seems to be a good match it’s kind of a crap shoot as to whether or not they’ll actually make it down the aisle. I will believe it when it happens. With all of this talk of getting her body back after a baby, do you think she and Justin are actively trying to conceive now? Is she going to blaze the same trail as Kim Kardashian and have a baby before a wedding?  Should Jen just go for it since that biological clock is ticking?

How about the plan of attack on baby weight? Isn’t that really putting the cart before the horse in this situation?  Shouldn’t Jen just worry about conceiving first? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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