Jennifer Aniston And Courteney Cox Hate Each Other – No Longer Friends

Jennifer Aniston And Courteney Cox Hate Each Other and No Longer Friends

During the heyday of Friends, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox were inseparable. Courteney named Jennifer her daughter’s godmother, and you’d think that was the kind of bond that would last a lifetime, right?

Well, wrong. To be fair, everything we predicted about the Friends cast ten years ago had turned out to be wrong. We thought that they would all go on to become big movie stars, which turned out to be incorrect. We thought they would still be relevant ten years after the show ended, which also proved incorrect. And most of all, we thought they would remain good friends – after all, they were all best friends and worked together for ten years. What could possibly tear that bond apart?

Well, it’s Hollywood folks. According to a report from the National Enquirer, the reason for the distance between Jennifer and Courteney is Jennifer’s fiancé, Justin Theroux. The Enquirer’s report claims that Justin wanted Jennifer to dump Courteney as a friend. The Enquirer’s source explains, “Justin wants his fiancée to “freshen up” her friends list.” According to this source, Jennifer skipped Courteney’s birthday party after all of Justin’s nagging, but that didn’t go over too well with Courteney. The source added, “Courteney is sick of forgiving and forgetting.  She’s been slighted by Jen one too many times now.”

It’s certainly true that Jennifer and Courteney have had several rough patches in the past few years, but I never really thought that their friendship would ever be over for good. Who knows, this could all blow over within a couple of months. But if the report is correct and Justin is behind the friendship breakup, then what will happen when Jennifer marries Justin?

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  • Cassandra1119

    If Justin is already controlling her by telling her “who she is allowed to be friends with”, I really feel sorry for Jen !