Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engagement Cancelled – Lead Separate Lives

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engagement Cancelled - Lead Separate Lives

There was a little window of time when it looked like Jennifer Aniston might actually be getting her version of a happily ever after. She seemed to click beautifully with Justin Theroux and the two were heading for a nifty wedding. Now all of a sudden the plans are on hold. Initially it was said to be because of Justin’s heavy work schedule right now. That would be a smidgen believable if they weren’t choosing to live on opposite coasts!

According to the July 15th print edition of In Touch, Jen loves LA. She moved to NYC in 2012 to be with Justin but only survived three months. He then high tailed it to LA with her, but Justin hates the left coast. Now Justin is back east in the city that he loves (right near Heidi Bivens) shooting a pilot for HBO while Jen chooses to remain in the couples Bel Air mansion alone.

Let’s see, he has work and she does not, so that would normally mean that she would join him in NYC even part time. Instead they are opting to lead very separate lives 3,000 miles apart. This sounds like a break before a full split to me. The wedding isn’t just on hold, they are clearly taking time apart to reevaluate their relationship. If Justin’s pilot gets picked up then he’ll be relocating to NYC for real and my guess is that Jen will most certainly not follow.

Do you think that Jen and Justin are inching towards the end of their relationship? Is there a realistic chance that the time apart will make them need to be together or are they both too stubborn to give up their lifestyles for each other? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Angel 2009

    She’s got a terrible track record in the relationships department – not surprised that this is a failure too. She wants everything to go her way and refuses to compromise. Her selfishness will always be her downfall.

    • drdebo cherry

      don’t worry about her too much- its just a “PR- generated “terrible track record”- now, why she doesn’t get out there and REALLY- in real life- find a mate is unknown- but it most likely has to do with not trusting ppl to like her for her and being to stingy to risk having to share some of her bank- regardless its not a good sign but doesn’t surprise me since I’ve always thought that was exactly what she was all about.

      • Evelyn B

        maybe she and george clooney should get together, they both seem to get what they want regardless of who they r

  • SpringBeauty

    That pic doesn’t even look like her.

  • drdebo cherry

    WE HAVE A BRAIN FOR A REASON- but we’d rather not have to use it- but if these gossip rags don’t start doing their jobs- were going to have to! Most of these celeb-relationships are set up by PR machines to promote movies or make bankable stars seem desirable. The reason we love gossip- is to get the real story- but anymore the gossip investigators are either getting lazy, to cheap to pay enough to get ppl to talk, wimps, or getting kickbacks form these PR machines to play along. Can we PLEZ get back to the good’ol days- and you guys get busy and dig for the REAL STORY- before us ppl watchers have to figure it out for our ourselves????

  • These two won’t last.

  • Evelyn B

    I have always felt that she is all about her; the woman spends hrs to look that good, and it does seem that she isn’t good at giving up any autonomy whatsoever. I always felt that Brad was ready to start a family and she just didn’t want to.. she seems to be in it as long as she calls the shots; guy wants something more out of it? Sry, not here.. just mho

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