Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Wedding Won’t Happen

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Wedding Won't Happen

Will Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s wedding ever happen? For months now, we’ve been hearing the excuse that they’re too busy, that they’re having children, that Jennifer has gotten pregnant. However, a report from Gossip Table states that Jennifer and Justin are just not going to get married, and everything else they say is just an excuse to keep the public stalling.

It’s been over one year since Jennifer and Justin got engaged, and a source tells the Gossip Table, “They are both saying scheduling is the reason for the delay. But, that was a year ago. They have made no plans, they have no date and are not even discussing it anymore. At this point, friends will be shocked if they ever make it down the aisle. It is all very strange.”

When Jennifer was last asked about the wedding, she stated that she’s going to wait until she ‘finds the time‘ and doesn’t feel that ‘there is a rush’. She also adds that she and Justin already feel as though they’re married, which proves that she doesn’t really mind waiting. However, both her comments and what all the sources have been saying go in line – that Jennifer and Justin might actually never get married, especially since both of their careers will be very busy for the next few years, at least.

On Justin’s part, I completely understand. He’s gotten what he wanted out of the relationship, which was a solid career and improved public profile. For Jennifer, she got the approval of the public back, because they love marriage and babies and they think she’s having both. So now that they both have what they wanted, why even bother staying engaged? Well, to keep up the charade, of course.

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5 responses to “Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Wedding Won’t Happen”

  1. Pamela says:

    I can’t see it happening either!

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  3. patty c says:

    When they’ve been together for 9 years and have 6 kids and are still just “engaged” with a Friendship Ring, then I’ll agree they will never marry.

  4. jhunted7667 says:

    I wouldn’t want her to do any nudity , Only one person has the right to see her like that

    • Joseph La says:

      I so Agree ,,I think I would grieve to God if she did anymore nudity , Nudity so destroys a person’s self respect in the years following their doing that ,they don’t see it at the time they do it ,