Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Postponed: Chelsea Handler Tells Jen Not To Trust Justin Theroux

Jennifer Anistons Wedding Jitters and Cold Feet: Chelsea Handler Tells Her Not To Trust Justin Theroux

I think it’s really about time for everyone to stop feeling so sorry for Jennifer Aniston because she and Justin Theroux haven’t made it down the aisle yet. In the midst of all the “poor-Jen” talk a little of nugget seems to have been unearthed. It’s not that Justin is dragging his feet about getting hitched. Instead, according to the Sept. 9th print edition of National Enquirer it’s actually Jen who is stalling for time.

There has been years worth of wedding talk and baby fever surrounding Jen but believe it or not she’s not in a real rush to make all of those dreams happen. It seems that spending time with bestie, Chelsea Handler has done wonders for Jen and she has kind of adopted Chelsea’s attitude about creating the picture-perfect family, in other words, she no longer needs all of that. Jen finally realized that she’s quite happy in her relationship with Justin and she’s not really in a rush to change it up. It sounds like a case of not fixing what isn’t broken.

Let’s not forget that Jennifer doesn’t trust Justin completely and for good reason. Justin dumped Heidi Bivins as soon as Jen flashed her money bags and Hollywood connections at him.  Chelsea has helped Jen understand that Justin may very well be a bit of a gigolo gold digger.

Plus Jen was blindsided by her divorce from Brad Pitt and she is in no rush to put herself in a situation where she can be that gutted again. I guess she figures as long as she doesn’t marry then she’ll never have to worry about another divorce.

Do you believe that Jen is now the one with the cold feet? Sources claim that Justin would marry her in an instant if she wanted to do it, do you believe it’s true? Or do you think he is saying that because he knows that Jen isn’t ready so it makes him look better if he appears ready and willing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Angel 2009

    Taking advice from Chelsea Handler – Jen needs to find a better class of friends.

  • lynn

    Who made this one up?

    Chelsea has always said on her show how much she likes Justin….and that he and Jen make a great couple.

    Justin’s no gigolo. He’s his own man and that’s one of the reasons I think Jen loves him so.

  • alliaonams

    Anybody would be happy and smiling holding a pot of gold, wouldn’t you? It’s not like Jennifer Aniston is not nice looking, kept her figure up and can’t act, she can find someone with all the chaps of her ex, Brad Pitt, handsome, illustrious career, money. why is she with some one below her status? His own action speaks louder than words, he is after her money and career connections. He did not marry his ex in 14 years what other evidence do you want and in a short time he proposes to JA.

  • thebutcher

    Go away christian freak.

  • jhunted7667

    the present society fall’s into 3 categories , the devil worshipers the Christians who want to be in the Kingdom of God and the people who are asleep in the Lord and are walking around either in a fog or just waking up , I think Aniston is awake now and still doesn’t realize she has to make the sacrifice of giving up one thing for an other , she’s in the world and with it , when she should be in the world and not with it , she should be walking to the beat of a different drum