Jennifer Aniston Wants To Be Like Jessica Simpson – Pregnant First, Married Second?

Jennifer Aniston Wants To Be Like Jessica Simpson - Pregnant First, Married Second? 0312

The title was supposed to be Jennifer Aniston Wants To Be The Next Gwyneth Paltrow but then I remembered Gwyneth is (allegedly) super jealous of Jessica Simpson’s empire right now so I figured everyone wants to be Jessica – everyone except Kim Kardashian – but that’s a totally different story.

Jennifer Aniston’s got the celebrity lifestyle branding fever. Whether she has baby and/or wedding fever is still to be decided although Jessica Simpson certainly makes it look glamorous enough. According to Lainey Gossip, Jen is in talks to create her own makeup line similar to Drew Barrymore’s which could be carried in massive stores like Target or Walmart. Barrymore’s is currently at Walmart. This means Jen’s empire is growing. A few months ago she became the co-owner of Living Proof hair care products. If only she’d come out with a clothing line! Then we all could look like Jen 100% of the time! I wonder what that would look like though. I’m seeing a lot of beach hair in boring black dresses.

But this is interesting, right? Jen’s following the lead of former Hollywood It girls who are denouncing movies for lucrative lifestyle branding deals. Gwyneth has her Goop; Drew has her wines and makeup and Jessica has just about everything. It’s smart and certainly good money but it definitely says a lot. These women aren’t exactly at the top of casting lists anymore (although I’m sure Gwyneth still thinks she is). They are all 30/40-something actresses who’ve perhaps realized that their movie star careers are just about over. Is this true for Aniston? Technically she’s a huge movie star but she rarely makes good ones and her personal life is much more of a draw. I suppose we have Angelina Jolie to thank for all this. If Angie never stole Brad would Jennifer’s career still have tanked? Because let’s face it, actresses with strong careers (Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman) do not sell their lifestyles. And it’s not like Jen needs the money. Either she’s bored, Justin Theroux is expensive to maintain, or she’s ready to move on in her career. Are we upset about this?

Are you interested in the Jennifer Aniston makeup line? What about Living Proof? Jennifer Aniston never seemed the type to have a business empire. Jessica is shameless and unapologetic in her promotion which is probably why she’s been so successful. Can you see Jennifer being the same?


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