Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Justin Theroux Cradles Baby Bump At Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Justin Theroux Cradles Baby Bump At Oscars 0225

All in all I thought most of the women looked pretty great last night. Naomi Watts was the only one who really made me stop and stare in a good way. I guess I can throw Halle Berry in that list now that I think about it. Her body really is sick. But there were a few that missed the mark. Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway and “I’m really not dead I just want to look that wayKristen Stewart were, by far, the worst of the night. I’m wondering now if Jen’s publicist planted the Justin Theroux baby bump story when he saw how craptastic she looked on the red carpet because I didn’t see any pics of Justin Theroux cradling that belly but The Mirror has a whole story on it so it must be so. Jennifer Aniston’s pregnant!

I’m not buying it along with that nasty Valentino dress. If you’re not going to try at the Oscars then why even bother showing up? Yes, the hair and make-up were pretty, if a little formulaic, but the dress was so BORING. I don’t care that it was red. I know she’s not a huge fashionista but neither is Sally Field and she still managed to represent and look way hotter. Last night was supposed to be the big coming out party for Jen and Justin. They walked the red carpet together and gave everyone a love fest. They stared into each other’s eyes. She fixed his tie. He played the doting boyfriend. Why show up in a prom dress? I’m sorry, I just wasn’t feeling it.

And the baby rumors are stupid too. For some reason everyone wants that woman to procreate but I just don’t see it happening, do you? And is that such a bad thing? It couldn’t possibly be worse than the dress for the Oscars. Jennifer Aniston should know better by now. Is she just too busy trying to convince us she’s in love to care?


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7 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Pregnant, Justin Theroux Cradles Baby Bump At Oscars”

  1. […] feel like Carolina Herrera to me. It’s… OK. It doesn’t suck as much as Aniston’s but it’s not great either which is weird since Renee is such a fashion girl. Do you think […]

  2. […] • Jennifer Aniston was clutching her belly last night on the Oscars Red Carpet because she’s pregnant, not because she’s in a boned dress with 7 pounds of petticoats. (Celeb Dirty Laundry) […]

  3. […] night at the Oscars. Kristen Stewart clearly didn’t want to be there. And since I bitched at Jennifer Aniston for this earlier I’m not going to let Kristen off the hook either. If you’re not going […]

  4. patty c says:

    Last night’s Oscars was refreshing as it seemed to be a return to Old Hollywood’s days of glory when the Oscars meant something. Seeing all those lovely ladies in their gorgeous gowns, and the gentlemen in their tuxedos parading down the red carpet put some of the mystery and glamour back into it for us fans. Sally Field and Jennifer Aniston stood out in their brightly colored, red, dresses which broke up the monotony of safe, neutral colored dresses. The entertainment productions were fabulous; who would not enjoy Adele’s Skyfall, or Bab’s return to the stage? All in all it was one of the best Oscar events in recent years.

  5. Judy Reeder says:

    I disagree, i thought she looked lovely..Renee is the one that was sloppy drunk or high…

  6. drdebo says:

    I don’t like her- at all- but I thought she looked way
    better than usual and thought the dress was stunning- loved it. She seems to have either pillow-face or pregnancy-face- and I thought she was preggers in those Mexico vacation pictures- but if she’s pregnant and it’s been this long-
    certainly she’d be showing more- but the fact that his and her hand was continually on the abdominal- pretty much clinches it.

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