Jennifer Aniston Puts Justin Theroux In Therapy: ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ (Video)

Jennifer Aniston Puts Justin Theroux In Therapy: ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ (Video)

Jennifer Aniston is decidedly unlucky in love. The aging star can’t seem to hold down a man—not even after he’s proposed! Justin Theroux popped the question last year (shortly after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their engagement, FYI), but the couple have yet to discuss any concrete wedding plans. Instead of basking in pre-marital bliss, the two are in constant fights, leading many to believe it’s only a matter of time before the entire relationship blows up. Jen is especially sensitive to the problem, and so has ordered totally whipped Justin into pre-marriage therapy – this according to Perez Hilton.

She thought it would be a good idea to start married life rid of any problems,”an insider dished. That’s fair—clean slate, and all. Jen has been very open about therapy, and admitted that it’s “very normal to lie down on a couch every once in a while and let your head be straightened out, and your heart.” Apparently Justin feels the same way, and loves their couple sessions, during which they “hand over their cellphones and do counseling, couple’s massages, and screaming therapy.” Sounds intense! Could it save them from all their past fights—Justin has been reported as feeling too smart for Jen, and disliking how controlling she is. Will screaming at each other in front of a therapist save their love?

Despite the constant bickering, “Jen and Justin are super excited about their big day.” Of course, Jen is a total fame whore, and must be loving all the attention and interest from media and fans about her wedding—and the stakes for this marriage are higher than ever. We all want to know if Hollywood’s diva can sustain a relationship, or if she’s doomed to die alone (but with a perfectly straight nose and morbidly saggy boobs)! The couple have yet to name a date, or location, or theme—ten bucks says they’ll give us all the deets the day after Brangelina do! Are Jen and Justin for real? Do you see them growing old together in marital bliss?

Editor’s Note: What’s special about Jennifer Aniston is that all the stories that appear about her seem believable!  Jennifer has an obnoxious, phony, talentless aura that just makes her such a great target.  I watched on of her horrible movies the other day, ‘Just Go with It,’ and once again I was shocked that this person has a career in entertainment. Plus, Jen’s OBVIOUS long-term devotion to plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, despite her denial of the same, just finishes her in my books.

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