Jennifer Aniston Trashes Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Tell-All Biography – Report

Jennifer Aniston Trashes Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Tell-All Biography – Report

The world is clamoring for a look inside the private life of Jennifer Aniston. The actress was once the height of chic, but has fallen in respectability since taking the path of crappy rom com movies instead of inaccessible artsy ones. Reports of her being a total control freak and psycho don’t help! But now the fallen (yet still super relevant) actress is in talks for a book deal, and is looking to make a fortune off it!

Jennifer Aniston is being offered mega bucks for an authorized biography of her amazing life,” reported Ok! Magazine, print edition February 18, 2013. Their source said that “Jen’s in a very stable place in her life now. She’s feeling much more open.” This is contradictory to other reports that claim she and fiancé Justin Theroux can’t find common ground, and her nit-picky attitude is threatening their relationship. I guess all that screaming couple’s therapy must have worked! Jen hates tabloid gossip, and “would love to get the truth out to her fans once and for all.”

Couldn’t she just get a Twitter or blog? Wait—there’s no money to be made there! Of course she’d keep silent until a book deal came her way. The insider promises that “she will finally give her side of the story on absolutely everything.” So what could readers expect in her biography? “The big story is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie . . . a lot of people think Brad wanted kids and [Jen] didn’t—that’s not true.”  It sounds like a chronology of lovers past, as the insider thinks she would share “what happened with John Mayer and how he cruelly ripped her heart out.” Would you pick up a copy of Jen’s bio, or skip it in favor of the salacious tab reports? If she were to give the okay on a book, would it just be self-flattering lies, or a real testament to her roller-coaster life?

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3 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Trashes Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Tell-All Biography – Report”

  1. patty c says:

    I’d love to read Jennifer’s bio as writen by Jennifer and not the Kitty Kelly’s of the leterary world. However, I doubt very much if Jen would dish about her ex and his baby mamma – sure she would acknowledge all her past but in a dignified way. The gutter is for her ex and his ho.

  2. Cecilia says:

    She did the same to Heidi Bivens, she used to be the common-law partner of Justin Theroux. They were still shacking up for 14-years, in New York City, when he got together with Jennifer Aniston. Is this not hypocritical of her to keep on complaining??? It’s been 10 YEARS. Get over it already!

  3. tahoegeminii says:

    don’t only has been fame chasers write “tell-all” books??-man does she look like the psycho in that photo-and supposedly she’s sooo over it-guess not-isn’t a tell all book why she won’t speak to her mom-I think Brad needs to write the tell all on her scary, manipulative conniving psycho arse-I hope people finally realize that it’s been her spite and revenge that have been behind all the hate Brangelina propaganda for the last 8 years-that she is an even bigger “homewrecker” than Angie ever was and that her career only exists from a tabloid pity party off Brad’s coattails-cause it certainly isn’t because of any talent or good looks that people know who she is-seriously wish she would go away