Jennifer Lawrence Royal Hookup: Mom Says Jennifer and Prince Harry Would “Bring The Kingdom Down” (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence Royal Hookup: Mom Says Jennifer and Prince Harry Would 'Bring The Kingdom Down'

The day Jennifer Lawrence starts dating Prince Harry will be day that pigs start to fly. Can you IMAGINE Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to this pairing? Sure, Harry’s probably hooked up with a little Hollywood here and there, but hooking up with Jennifer Lawrence would be an invitation for the press and paparazzi of every country to swarm you from dawn to midnight. The Prince of England with the Queen of Hollywood – sounds perfect for a Tinseltown movie. Unfortunately, not so much in real life. And Jennifer’s mom agrees.

In a new interview with WDRB, a local news channel in Kentucky, both of Jennifer’s parents, Gary and Karen Lawrence, talk about their daughter’s transition from a young child with an overactive imagination to the Oscar winning superstar she’s become today. And what a transition it’s been. They say, “When she was a little girl she was glued to the TV and I thought she was just enjoying herself, but I think she was doing research and studying and thinking I can do that. But she didn’t watch TV like a normal person. She was glued to the TV. She would get on her knees and study it.”

You can tell how Jennifer manages to stay so grounded, with a family like this. And the adorableness doesn’t stop there. Jennifer’s mom, whose humor seems to run in the family, discusses the ridiculousness of Jennifer dating her two supposed love interests, Bradley Cooper and Prince Harry.

She’s pretty straightforward about the B. Coop rumors, saying, “No. She is not dating Bradley Cooper. And nor was she ever. They’re just really good friends. Nothing. No truth.” Well, it doesn’t get clearer than that folks, so sorry to the Bradley-Jennifer shippers, but you’ll have to move on to another pairing. And don’t expect that to be Jennifer and Prince Harry either.

I don’t think anyone ever took those rumors of Prince Harry being interested in Jennifer seriously, but if they did, they should think twice. Jen’s mom jokingly [but very, very truthfully] says, “I don’t think she would get along with her mother-in-law. I think that would bring the kingdom down.”

Did she mean grandmother-in-law or [step] mother-in-law? The answer works either way, but the Queen would probably just disown Harry whereas Camilla Parker-Bowles would just spend all her time trying to figure out ways to use Jennifer to get her picture taken more often. Seriously though, if Jennifer and Prince Harry ever even talk to each other, I predict the Internet having a collective meltdown as soon as the pictures get published. It’s hard to imagine what will happen if they start dating.

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her character’s 70’s style updo while on set of Abscam in Boston, MA on March 22, 2013. In the highly anticipated production, Lawrence plays Marie Weinberg, the wife of Abscam FBI informant Mel Weinberg, who is played by Christian Bale.

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