Jennifer Lopez Bloodcurdling Sex Scream: Hotel Maid Thought She Was Being Murdered (Video)

Jennifer Lopez Bloodcurdling Sex Scream: Hotel Maid Thought She Was Being Murdered (Video)

When it comes to divas, Jennifer Lopez takes the cake. Assuming, of course, that part of the definition of diva is “talentless” and “ego-maniacal”! J Lo is a wild, daredevil performer who pushes social boundaries and never ceases to ask the question: can you see my va-jay-jay in this sequined transparent dress? It should come as no surprise to learn that the attention whore takes her passion and flare into the bedroom every night, and doesn’t care who knows.

J Lo is dating young dancer hunk Casper Smart, and we’re pretty sure he’s more than okay with Jennifer’s kinky sex skills. The singer likes her men to know exactly how she’s feeling, and has the lungs to make sure they hear her! “If she enjoys what you’re doing, she’ll scream so loud that the windows will rattle,” a source told Star Magazine, print edition February 18, 2013. “Once, in a hotel, a maid charged into her room, thinking she was being murdered.”

Excuse me? I think that maid was probably either a virgin, or partially deaf—unless J Lo is willing to risk her future in the music industry on a blood-curdling coital scream. Also, how seriously award must that have been? What did the maid think she was going to do? Bust in and single handedly save Jennifer, then sell the story and make millions in interviews?

J Lo is so promiscuous on stage, that her sex life could go two ways: either she uses up all her energy while performing and then becomes asexual as soon as she walks off stage, or all of her hip thrusting and popping is some sort of weird foreplay for her. Obviously, she isn’t running out of sexual energy! Honestly, I can’t stand J Lo, and so ask that, if she’s ever in Seattle, she keep her weird bedroom screaming murder noises on mute!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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