Jessica Biel Spending All Justin Timberlake’s Money To Try To Fit In With His Friends

Jessica Biel Spending All Justin Timberlake's Money To Try To Fit In With His Friends 0321

I’ve been itching to bitch about Jessica Biel’s post-marriage fugalicious fashion lately and it looks like I finally have my chance! Have you noticed the change? Ever since Jessica finally chained Justin Timberlake down she’s looked a bit more… polished? Groomed? Ridiculous looking in that high fashion sort of way? Well, it wasn’t just me. According to Star magazine Jessica’s fashionista makeover is making quite the dent in the Timberlakes’ family budget but are people buying it?

“[Jessica’s been] spending $20,000 per week on designer shoes and bags from Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York. Justin can afford it, but he’s still a little taken aback by how voraciously she’s spending,” a source claims.

Well, she doesn’t work, right? Isn’t this what glorified housewives are supposed to do? When you marry a rich, successful man you’ve got to look the part. And she’s keeping much more A-list company these days. Who can forget the pics of Jessica rubbing elbows with Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Grammys during Justin’s comeback performance. I’m just saying… there’s some pressure there to look like a music icon in the makings wife.

Personally it’s a little too try hard for me. All the knitted pants and delicately structured gowns get lost on her because the need is so apparent on her face. Please accept me! Please let me act! Please consider ME for ANYTHING! She should really just be grateful she landed Seventh Heaven and move on. I’d much rather she went back to the body sucking dresses that highlighted her ass. That’s still her best feature – much more than Justin Timberlake.

Isn’t it funny how much Kim Kardashian has in common with Jessica Biel? Fashion isn’t their strong points; they both have voluptuous asses AND their husbands used to be/currently are best friends with Jay-Z. Kim had her chance to impress now it’s Jessica’s turn. Do you think she’ll fare better? What is it about J and B that makes their friends fawn so much? Even Gwyneth Paltrow gushes and name drops whenever she has the chance! Is Jessica Biel spending all of her husband’s money to stay in the winner’s circle or has she always had a love of busted fashion?


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