Jessica Simpson Wants Baby Genius – Reads To Baby Bump

Jessica Simpson Wants Baby Genius – Reads To Baby Bump

Jessica Simpson never fails to entertain! The former—what is she, again?—reality star is pregnant for a second time by fiancé Eric Johnson, and is due with a boy this summer. She’s pledged to keep a healthy weight during this pregnancy, and seems to be holding up pretty well. But it isn’t just her weight that she’s taking charge of—Jessica believes she can make her baby a genius, before it’s even born! In a weird spin off of talking to the bump and playing music, Jessica has started reading classic literature to the fetus, positive it will ensure a high IQ!

Jessica Simpson is determined to give her unborn child super smarts,” reported Star Magazine, print edition March 18, 2013. Their insider explained that “people first noticed she was serious when she picked up The Great Gatsby and read it aloud to her stomach.” A few things: first, this baby doesn’t speak English. It doesn’t speak any language. And even if it did, do you really want a newborn reading that book? Maybe some classic Dr. Seuss, but a book that ends with a  woman getting hit by a car, left with a breast flapping off, held on by a bit of skin? A bit graphic for baby!


We aren’t the only ones who are skeptical about Jessica’s baby genius plan! Her family thinks it is bizarre! “Everyone just scratched their heads. Reading to a baby bump isn’t going to make your child the next Albert Einstein!”  And that’s a fact! Complex symphonies and visual stimulation, maybe, but not Fitzgerald! Jessica has never come off as the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it’s great to know she can at least read. I exaggerate, but you know what I mean! Do you think Jessica and Eric have a baby genius baking, or will it take years to find out?

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