Jodi Arias Planned To Cut Prosecutor’s Throat As Revenge For Guilty Verdict – Another Murder?

Jodi Arias Planned To Cut Prosecutor's Throat As Revenge For Guilty Verdict - Another Murder?

After a long and protracted trial, Jodi Arias was finally found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander. However, new information revealed (RadarOnline) by Jodi’s prison cellmate alleges that Jodi is still very dangerous, and she even threatened to kill the prosecutor and get revenge by cutting his throat. What’s especially gruesome and twisted about that is it’s exactly the same way Travis was murdered.

Her cellmate, Cassandra Collins, spent time with Jodi before the trial began, as her next-door cellmate. Cassandra gave Fox 10 an interview about Jodi, and explained, “She’s very dangerous.. very dangerous.” Cassandra claims that Jodi threatened prosecutor Juan Martinez before the trial began, explaining, “She said that if she was given the death sentence … she wanted to get her revenge… she knows inmates on the outs to do a mafia bow tie.. yeah. Cut his throat..”

When the interviewer asks her whether she legitimately believes that Jodi would hurt or kill someone, Cassandra replied, “Yes, I do. I really think she would try to hurt someone. She manipulates.. tried to manipulate every inmate there.. and tries to control how they think about her case. When I got released out, I was like thank you God I got delivered out of hell.” She offers some advice to Juan, saying, “He needs to get good security staff around him to make sure she can’t get anybody on the outs to solicit something.. to harm him or to hurt him… She’s very dangerous.. very dangerous.”

Right now, Jodi has been put away under the guilty verdict, but it was reported that Juan was trying to impanel another jury to seek the death penalty again. Even if Cassandra’s claims are true, it seems as though Juan is not worried. Is he being stupid? Doubtful. Despite what Cassandra said, Jodi likely doesn’t have any of the connections she boasted about, and it was probably all empty threats. Also, Cassandra strikes me as someone who took advantage of a situation to make some quick bucks and attention, not necessarily go out of her way to save Juan’s life. All prosecutors understand the risk of their job, and I’m sure he’s made precautions in case anybody ever tries anything.