Jodi Arias Mistrial In The Making – She Has Fooled Her Target Juror! (VIDEO)

Jodi Arias Mistrial In The Making – She Has Fooled Her Target Juror!

Jodi Arias needs only one sympathetic juror to beat her murder rap which carries a potential death penalty and she just might have found one. Last week the prosecution had their own psych expert (god I hate psychology), who was much more professional, scientific, smarter etc. than the two lame ducks the defense team threw up there. Anyway, once the lawyers had finished with Dr. DeMarte, the jurors got to ask questions (they can do this in AZ.

There was one troubling question – “hypothetically, if a person suffered PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from a bear attack while hiking, would you throw out their PDS test if they lied and said it was a tiger? Would the person be answering the questions the same way regardless of whether they called the animal a bear or a tiger?” – this questions/s came about because Jodi had continued to lie even to her own defense team Drs., and described the ‘traumatic event’ on the PDS test she filled out (long before the trial) as the ninja intruders (by her own admission, her made-up story about two intruders having attacked both her and Travis Alexander that day), rather than her subsequent made-up (not by her admission) lie of self-defence against the raging Travis Alexander.

This was all done with the help of the New Jersey quack, Dr. Samuels, who had bartered testimony for dental visits and been reprimanded. Anyway, DeMarte argued that the test was worthless, invalid etc. once it’s determined the questions are being answered in reference to a fictitious event! Duh. But the defense said “well, who cares really, it was still a traumatic event, and she could still be suffering PTSD etc., etc.” That this tiger/bear question emerged AFTER all the arguing etc., which destroyed the idea that PTSD might be responsible for Jodi’s bullshit testimony and selective memory, is troubling and suggests someone on that jury is sympathetic to Jodi.

Then today, after the Walmart employee testified that NO refunds for gas cans were given during the period Jodi claimed to have returned the one she bought (having borrowed two others from an ex, all for the purposes of not leaving a trail of gas purchases on her credit card, thus strongly suggesting premeditation because she wanted to be invisible after the crime), the SOLE juror question was “could a cash return be given without any record.

So, based on these two questions, there might be at least one moron on the jury prepared to not find Jodi guilty as charged. Do we hear the ghosts of O.J. Simpson or Casey Anthony trials rattling their chains?

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