Jodi Arias Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty In Closing Arguments

Jodi Arias Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty In Closing Arguments

The Jodi Arias trial has been at the center of news for the past month now, and we’re starting to hear about some of the grizzlier details of the case. On Monday, the prosecutor for the case blames Jodi for utilizing the case to gain media interest in her life, and details the stalking that led to the gruesome murder of Jody’s ex-boyfriend. The prosecutor is also seeking the first-degree murder charge, which means that Arias could end up facing the death penalty if proven guilty.

Arias is currently charged with the first-degree murder of the shooting and stabbing of Travis Alexander in 2008. The prosecutor, Juan Martinez, told the judge, “This is an individual who is manipulative. This is an individual who will stop at nothing, and who will continue to be manipulative and will lie at every turn.”

Right now, there are four ways for the judge and jury to go: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, manslaughter, or complete acquittal. Right now, the acquittal is not looking likely, so it’s really a case of what’s the worst it can get for Arias.

The problem with Arias’ testimony is that she initially refused to accept any blame for the murder, and then two years after the actual death of her ex-boyfriend, claims she did it in ‘self-defense’. If it was really self-defense, one would think that she would have admitted to it right after the murder. It certainly increases your chances of an acquittal.

Of course, she claims that she didn’t want to sully her name. Martinez, the prosecutor, definitely does not think that way. He told the courtroom, “The person who done it, the person who committed this killing sits in court today, the defendant, Jodi Ann Arias.”

Right now, she’s facing a possible first-degree murder charge, which she means she could get the death sentence. With all of his arguments outlined above, it’s clear that Juan Martinez is seeking the first-degree murder charge, which means the judge and jury would have to be convinced that the act was pre-meditated. However, the evidence is currently not strong enough to support pre-meditation, so experts seem to agree that Jodi could end up getting away with a second-degree murder charge, which would mean many years in jail – but she wouldn’t die.

What do you guys think will happen? Do you think Jodi should be charged with first-degree murder, and do you think she deserves the death penalty?

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