Jodi Arias Profits From Murder While Awaiting Possible Death Penalty As Travis Alexander’s Family Grieves

Jodi Arias Profits From Murder While Awaiting Possible Death Penalty As Travis Alexander’s Family Grieves

As the family of Travis Alexander grieves, Jodi Arias is taking advantage of the media circus surrounding her trial and selling t-shirts. Arias is currently waiting to hear the verdict on her trial, which could end in the death penalty but probably won’t after mistakes by the posecution. While waiting for the trial to conclude, Arias is trying to sway the public’s opinion by selling them t-shirts emblazoned with the inspiring message, ‘Survivor’.

The t-shirts have caused the public to respond in outrage that Jodi would take advantage of the media attention like this. People have taken to writing messages on the Facebook page for the trial, and one person even wrote that Jodi is ‘making a mockery’ of Travis and the trial, and that someone ‘needs to stick a needle in her’. Harsh? Maybe so, but then again, so is what she’s doing.

Jodi also wrote on Twitter a couple of days ago, “Please join me in the efforts to support other survivors of domestic violence.” Of course, this is because Jodi still claims that she was assaulted by Travis Alexander and that she killed him in self-defense. Considering that her story has changed multiple times in the past few years, not many people are buying that one.  The only domestic violence shown in this case was Jodi’s brutal murder of Travis.

As she continues to bait the media circus surrounding the trial, the family of Travis Alexander pray for justice and that Jodi is convicted of her crime. It’s been a long couple of years for the Travis family, who have had to deal with many allegations against their son from Jodi. If Jodi is convicted of first-degree murder, she could pay the ultimate price if a death penalty sentence is carried out.

The death penalty is certainly a sensitive subject for some people, especially ones personally involved in this case. Alexander’s family have only stated that they hope that she is convicted of being guilty, not that they hope she gets the death penalty. Of course a friend of Travis’s made it clear he want’s Jodi killed – and many people feel that was as well. Either way, we’ll find out soon enough.

What do you think about the death penalty?  Does it deserve a place in modern America – should it be banned or should it be used more often?

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