Jodi Arias’ Murder of Travis Alexander – Latest Story Another Lie Says Friend Tamara Mauro

Jodi Arias' Murder of Travis Alexander - Latest Story Another Lie Says Friend Tamara Mauro

If you’ve followed the long and dragged out Jodi Arias case then you are familiar with the bottom line- she killed her on/off boyfriend, Travis Alexander back in 2008 in Arizona. She claimed that it was self defense, after taking photos of Travis in the shower she dropped the camera and he supposedly snapped. Jodi claims that she ran to get away from him, headed for a closet where she climbed shelves to get to his gun.

Somehow Travis ended up stabbed 28 times, his throat was slit and he was shot in the face. Overkill anyone? This self defense story is the THIRD that Jodi has spun after the prosecution systematically poked holes in the first two. This chick has repeatedly lied under oath, leaving jurors with absolutely no reason to believe it was self defense. I mean when it’s that the person usually says that immediately because if that’s truly the situation you’re usually off the hook.

At this point it looks like Travis dumped Jodi and maybe agreed to one last fling, or else she showed up unannounced. There is reason to believe that the crime was premeditated (hello death penalty) because she stole a gun from her family and rented a car to drive. According to Travis’ friends he was turning back towards his devout Mormon upbringing after a sex filled relationship with Jodi. She was clearly not appropriate wife material and that is what is believed to have caused her to snap.

Now a friend of Travis’ has spoken up and she rips apart Jodi’s chain of events, simply because the floor plan just doesn’t work. Tamara Mauro spoke with RadarOnline and she spent a lot of time in Travis’ home because she cleaned it. According to her there is no logic behind Jodi running to the closet to escape Travis when the door was nearby.

“Realistically, if she gets into the closet and he is over where the shower is it would be much more logical (for her) to run towards the door – which is away from him – rather than back towards him, and then go on the other side of him in order to shoot him in the direction that she says she did

Granted, in times of crisis people rarely are thinking straight but if the door to get out was near the closet I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’d instinctively be bolting towards! It’s really unlikely that Jodi will walk free, this case truly has turned into a life or death situation. If the jury believes that she premeditated the killing then the death penalty will certainly be pursued by the prosecution.

Do you think that Jodi went bonkers when Travis dropped her like the bad habit that she ultimately had become and decided that he had to pay? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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