Blogger Finds Jodi Arias Sympathetic Because She Only Murdered A MAN – Sexist or Stupid?

Blogger Finds Jodi Arias Sympathetic Because She Only Murdered A MAN - Sexist or Stupid?

I think I may have found her – the only writer out there who is pro Jodi Arias. In case you actually haven’t been paying attention, back in 2008 Travis Alexander was brutally murdered in Mesa, Arizona. He had been in and on/off relationship with Jodi Arias for a few years and supposedly was intending to return to a stricter Mormon way of life – he was going to end his relationship with Jodi. Let’s put it this way, Jodi wasn’t exactly Mormon wife material but what she was is more than a little off balance. Needless to say she was arrested and has been on trial for Travis’ murder for quite a while now.

The fact that Travis was stabbed 29 times seems to indicate that it wasn’t a random crime but one fueled by emotion. The biggest problem is that Jodi changes her current story whenever someone pokes holes in her current story. This woman is quick on her feet and doesn’t break a sweat while trying to explain away her most recent discredited. That she is she is deadly is made clear by the way that she carries herself and now, after being confronted with proof of too many lies, she concedes that she killed Travis, in self-defense of course.

A tragic consequence of Jodi’s self-defense lie, as many serious commentators, feminists, and true abuse victims are pointing out, is its cost to real victims of domestic violence. These people are calling out this stabbing psychopath for the lying witch she is. They are calling her reprehensible in the strongest terms, saying all she is doing is handicapping real domestic violence victims, who will now be looked at with cynicism if they murder or harm a bully while defending themselves.

The truth is the truth and generally if you tell it from the start – no matter how bad it is- people believe it. If it was self-defense Jodi could have hung her hat on that from the very beginning. Instead she lied and even worse she seemed to believe the words she was weaving together. Now everything that falls from her mouth needs to be proven before it is deemed truthful and unfortunately for her, her version of things don’t add up. It’s her chronic lying that made the national press latch onto this story. Her inability to tell the truth is what made this story leave smallish town USA and become a National story.

That’s Jodi’s fault. It’s also her fault for not being honest, whatever that may mean, right from the start. Will she be convicted? I’m betting yes. Will she get the death penalty? Well if just one juror wants to spare her, then no. The other day a juror asked questions that some, like my fellow writer at Celeb Dirty Laundry, perceived as a possible indication that she might have one juror in her pocket. I hope that person just needed some clarification. Frankly it was likely a question I would have asked to eliminate any room for error.

Hope Carson over at Gather Celeb recounted this scenario with the one juror and then launched into sentiment that comes across as blatantly pro Jodi. I tried to link to the post but it has either been removed or the site is broken – the link is:

Check out some of the highlights, such as they are, for yourself:

What will the people out there in cyberspace who thirst for her blood do if she’s actually allowed to live? Or, Heaven forbid, if she’s allowed to serve a less than lengthy prison sentence and eventually walk free. Won’t the Universe implode?

Of course not. However, the latest buzz does seem to indicate that the hapless Arias may yet have a chance at life.

It is interesting and sad that this woman is, in the minds of most members of the public, already strapped to a gurney with a lethal needle in her arm–or whatever they use for execution in Arizona. It is ironic, ultimately unfathomable, and downright disgraceful that the sheer intensity of the hatred leveled at Arias exceeds the anger aimed at some of the past’s most notorious rapists, child molesters, and serial killers–including but not limited to Dahmer, Gacy, Ridgeway, Rader, Ramirez, Berkowitz, Buono, and Bianchi. Of all these evil men, only John Wayne Gacy was executed. Jeffrey Dahmer was stabbed to death in prison. Good riddance. Ditto for Buono who died in prison of natural causes. The others are still enjoying the hospitality of the penal systems of their respective states–a great waste of taxpayers’ money

And get this quote from a previous article of Hope’s on why we should love Jodi: Travis Alexander is long gone. The pregnancy probably never existed. And hopefully, Jodi Arias will not be convicted of first-degree murder. Hopefully, she can get some much needed help and go on with her life.

Why exactly would Jodi not deserve the death penalty if proven guilty? She has already proven to be capable of the most grisly kind of murder, shows no remorse, and continues to lie like her life depends on it (because it very well may). Would you want this kind of person reintroduced to society. Would you let her watch your children, would you date her, or want her to be a guest in your home knowing what she is already capable? I think not. I’m a pretty forgiving person and I know that most of us are pretty damn flawed and will eventually do, or have already done, a number of things that make us hang our heads in regret. However that is not the category into which Jodi Arias falls, don’t you agree? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!