Joe Giudice Cheats On Teresa With Their Nanny!

Joe Giudice Cheats On Teresa With Their Nanny!

Teresa Giudice covers the latest issue of Life & Style magazine and this one is a bit of a whopper. According to the tabloid, her husband Joe has been stepping out on her with the nanny. What a douchebag.

And it’s not the first time that he’s cheated on her, but every time she learns about a new “other woman”, she still opts to stand by her man. Is he that good in bed that she can’t kick him to the curb? What is the deal there?!?

Khloe Kardashian

The magazine reports that Joe has been flaunting his affair with the woman whom Teresa has trusted to take care of their children. Nicole Cemelli’s affair with Joe Giudice began right after Teresa hired her to look after their four kids. She was busy doing book signings and promotional appearances and Joe was busy pitching woo to the babysitter. How lovely.

A pal said, “At first, Teresa was in total denial. But another time, Nicole kissed Joe on the lips when she was in the room! Eventually, enough things were brought to her attention that she finally had to do something about it.”

After she stopped working for Teresa and Joe, Nicole was still keeping in contact with him. In April, they were photographed together, but Teresa still doesn’t believe there is anything going on!

When shown the pictures, Teresa recognized the sitter, but denied that anything is happening between she and Joe. Teresa said, “That’s Joe’s old secretary, who works in the city. He was in the city that day for other business meetings and he had met up with her after, to go over some things.”

Uh huh. Is she in complete denial here? What do you think?

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3 responses to “Joe Giudice Cheats On Teresa With Their Nanny!”

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  2. Etta Samples-Bredeson says:

    This is the Woman that Jacqueline was talking about on the Reunion Show ..I knew that she was telling the truth .. Teresa the Idiot that she is in Denial as usual …. and those poor Kids of their I do feel sorry for them !! they are gonna need alot of Therapy and Lawyers in the near future for ALL the TROUBLE that they are gonna get into… mark my words cause they already act out like brats just wait until they get a few years older….I wonder how Teresa is gonna explain this cover to Gia because she has a twitter account and other kids at school will definitely see this info from them… and that’s too bad and sad….

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