Amber Heard Begging Johnny Depp For Career Help After Paranoia Flop

Amber Heard Begging Johnny Depp For Career Help After Paranoia Flop

Well, Amber Heard‘s Paranoia bombed at the box office. I’ll be fair and say it also had Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford, and Gary Oldman, but it was Liam and Amber who were the ones publicly shilling the movie. Ford and Oldman knew they had a turd on their hands and smartly stayed far, far away.

Anyway, Liam at least has Catching Fire in the works and the promise of some other big ensemble pieces. Amber has… nothing. Her career has never exactly been the considered the pinnacle of success, but this was her first high-profile leading role in ages. Usually, Amber’s either the supporting role or her movies just come and go. In fact, she may be best known for her cameo in Zombieland, even though she’s in the movie for a total of five minutes. She was in the Nicholas Cage flop Drive Angry, barely made any impressions in Pineapple Express despite the movie being a hit, and to date, her only moderate success has been the surprise teen hit Never Back Down.

So we can be honest in our assessment by saying that her career’s not in the best position right now. Nobody watches Amber Heard’s movies, but she’s still relevant because… she’s dating Johnny Depp? That’s the only thing that makes sense, isn’t it?

Sources are also reporting that Amber is begging Johnny for a big movie role after Paranoia flopped so badly. 

Look, it’s obvious that Amber’s trying hard to become an action star in the vein of Angelina Jolie, but people forget that Jolie had acting ability and charisma in spades, and she never had to use a relationship to get famous. I don’t know if I’d say the same for Amber.

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5 responses to “Amber Heard Begging Johnny Depp For Career Help After Paranoia Flop”

  1. Avmir says:

    You have to leave her alone! all these articles about her that you’ve been writing in the recent days (even before the flop) are about the same and it doesn’t make sense now.

    Do you know her next project? Is a very low-budget independent movie called “London Fields” and it’s not an action film, doesn’t have a big director, and nothing of what you’ve been announcing

    And it seems that the only intervention of Johnny in there, would be a rumored cameo role.

  2. Pamela says:

    She’s just using Johnny to get all of the press she can, and it’s working!

  3. jack says:

    he should be shamed ,destroyed his family and live his 14 years partner for younger girl . this girl is same age when he first time met Vanessa (27). even she wasn’t born when he acted in his first movie. he destroyed every respect he got in last decade as a family man . he did not have the capacity to act with younger girl. if care about his children reforms his manner.

  4. […] true that we haven’t really seen Amber out and about recently, but after Paranoia bombed at the box office, she didn’t really have anything to promote, did she? It doesn’t seem […]

  5. Jan2606 says:

    Let see nobody really knew who Amber was until she hook up with Johnny depp. None of the movies she been in even made her memorable nope not until depp had a mid crisis. Funny but karma has a way on coming back do you really think she will be with him to death do him part.? Well I hope so for Johnny sake if not he’s just a fool a fool who never married the women who gave him beautiful children let’s hope he did but she refuse because if not he really not that bright . Amber want to be memorable so in what way can she do it definitely not by her acting with Johnny she will get movies be big make bank then leave Johnny for a young hot guy or girl way to go Amber. I guess sex sells.