Amber Heard Demands Johnny Depp Turn Her Into The Next Angelina Jolie, Or She Dumps Him

Amber Heard Demands Johnny Depp Turn Her Into The Next Angelina Jolie, Or Else!

Is Johnny Depp reneging on his promise to help girlfriend Amber Heardbecome the next Angelina Jolie? According to the latest report from the National Enquirer, that’s exactly what’s happening and it’s apparently making Amber quite upset.

A ‘source’ tells the Enquirer, “When they first started dating, he promised to help her become the next Angelina Jolie, but Johnny simply hasn’t followed through. Instead of finding exciting projects for Amber, or introducing her to TinselTown movers and shakers, he seems to block her from moving forward in her career. Apparently, she was offered the lead in the film version of the raunchy book 50 Shades of Grey,” but Johnny told her to say no to it because it would be too smutty.”

The source adds that Amber is pretty upset right now, but “[Johnny] promised Amber he’ll make things more exciting for her, and he’s still dangling the carrot of introducing her to agents and other key players. Amber’s sticking around, hoping Johnny will be true to his word. But she’s not going to wait much longer.”

I would not be surprised AT ALL if this story turned out to be true. I always thought Amber was using Johnny Depp for a career boost, even if she won’t admit it publicly, and I can see her getting upset that it hasn’t seemed to have helped her career at all. Sure, she’s getting bigger trailers and is getting more media exposure, but where are the roles? She hasn’t landed a single high profile role since she began dating Johnny Depp, but then again, it’s not like he can teach her how to be a better actress, you know?

To be fair, Amber’s not untalented. She can act, and if given the right role, I’m sure she can break out and carve a niche for herself. But Johnny’s too busy recording with One Direction right now to pay attention to his girlfriend’s career.

Amber Heard Demands Johnny Depp Turn Her Into The Next Angelina Jolie, Or She Dumps Him

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8 responses to “Amber Heard Demands Johnny Depp Turn Her Into The Next Angelina Jolie, Or She Dumps Him”

  1. Avmir says:

    Johnny was not recording with One Direction. He’s recording with Alice Cooper and the guys from One Direction went to meet him after his daughter visited them on their concert

    About Amber, she isn’t getting better and bigger roles. What does this say to you? that the story isn’t true. Johnny could move his finger and give to her better roles and with all the media buzz around her, she also could win better roles, but she doesn’t. She continue in mostly independent movies and even refuses to talk about JD!

  2. Chaotic says:

    What exactly does “next Angie Jo” mean? Does she want to be a UN ambassador? Mother to 6 kids? Live in France? Known for Tomb Raider? Crazy to the point that wearing a vial of blood seems normal? How about cutting? Is that what she wants? Maybe she wants to be a drug addict, in difficult relationships, to have a questionable relationship with her brother? Difficult relationship with her father? Lose her mother early due to cancer? Telling me “next Angelina Jolie” means absolutely nothing unless you tell me exactly what about Jolie this woman wants!

  3. HollywoodHiccups says:

    So is she going to have plastic surgery because that is the only way that is going to happen!

  4. EmilyTrainham says:

    I really, really can’t stand her.

  5. Pamela says:

    She is certainly using the whole Johnny thing to get ahead.

  6. jack says:

    she was causing his break-up from longtime partner just like angelina but the worst is johnny has two teenagers. it’s a shame ,she could be his daughter people said he is a shy person but I don’t think so, he destroyed his family because this kid ( I remember he speak about her in Graham show 2011because his movie ‘the worst of his movie’ and said about her she is sweet Kid) and now take her to johnny Ramone tribute for reunion cry baby cast. how old was she that time he play on cry baby ?was she born ? at least dating someone was born when you act on your first movie . he started dating vanessa when she was 26 and after 14 years,he dating some one with same age. just a shame

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