Johnny Depp & Lady Gaga Go Out On Secret Date? Find Out if these Two Oddballs are a Couple!

Johnny Depp & Lady Gaga Go Out On Secret Date? Find Out if these Two Oddballs are a Couple!

Are Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga, two celebrities that tend to fall on the “weirder” end of the normality spectrum, planning on dating? According to a source for the National Enquirer, Sir Elton John thought these two would make an outstanding Hollywood power couple and allegedly tried to set them up. Look at Elton trying to play matchmaker.

According to the mag, “Elton was determined to hook up Johnny and Lady Gaga. Elton is convinced the two superstars would make an amazing power couple.” 

Elton John decided to unleash his sneaky cupid-like powers at Craig’s in Hollywood on September 23rd. Both Depp and Gaga attended the event and allegedly hit it off wonderfully. “They bonded over music, flirted a little and basically got to know each other,” claims the claims the mag. “By the end of the night, they’d already made plans to see each other again.”

While we’d love this to be true, we think it’s extremely far from the truth, as Johnny Depp is currently in a relationship with Amber Heard and Lady Gaga has been in a somewhat committed relationship with Taylor Kinney. However, being in “committed” relationships has never stopped anyone from branching out, so who knows? Maybe they are planning a top secret affair. But we’re not going to pool our money into that basket.

What do you think of this outlandish story? Do you think Johnny and Gaga would make one of the best-est, most charming, weirdest couples in Hollywood? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • stillgotit

    I would prefer anybody over Amber Whored! Johnny is a horse of a different color and probably have more in common with Lady Gaga. If this story is true, I’m proud of Elton for trying to help Johnny get out of the mess he is in, but keep looking!

  • Avmir

    According to several media, this meeting was planned by Elton to present to them (both very near friends of him) his new album and Gaga shared with them the cover of her new album too. Nothing romantic there, c’mon

  • EmilyTrainham

    This can’t be real. The world couldn’t handle it.

  • Angel 2009

    JD – Just go back to Vanessa.

  • allie

    oooooh, I don’t believe this story, not one bit. She’s not his type, nor is he hers

  • Gaga

    Maybe it’s a little bit true :|