Johnny Depp Buys Amber Heard Expensive Diamonds So She Will Love Him – No Fool Like An Old Fool (Photos)

Johnny Depp Buys Amber Heard Expensive Diamonds So She Will Love Him - No Fool Like An Old Fool

If the rumors are true, Johnny Depp is resorting to extravagant measures to keep Amber Heard as his girlfriend. According to a new report from Life & Style Magazine, Johnny recently, “surprised Amber with $50,000 Neil Lane diamond drop earrings.”

It’s been several years since Johnny and Amber met, yet he’s only gifting her with expensive jewelry now? Is he that desperate? Sure, it could be a sign of love and devotion, and we all know Johnny’s not a stingy man. But at this rate, either he’s going to marry her or she’s going to dump him. It’s only a question of which comes first. And I don’t see him marrying her, only because he was with Vanessa Paradis for so long and he didn’t marry her, even though she was the mother of his children. Johnny was with Vanessa for fourteen years, and he’s only been with Amber for only two.

However, Johnny is getting older and he may be feeling the need to settle down soon. At 50 years old, how many more years of partying can he have left in him?

There were also reports about how Amber was sick of dating Johnny, and she was only with him because of her career. But since her career clearly hasn’t seen any boost since she began dating him, is the jewelry his way of keeping her with him? Fine, she doesn’t have a great career. But she doesn’t have to pay for travel, she gets to go everywhere in a private jet, and she gets gifted with $50,000 jewelry on a regular basis – I doubt she’s complaining.

What do you guys think about Johnny gifting Amber with such expensive jewelry? Does he have an ulterior motive or is he just being generous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Credit: Life & Style and FameFlynet


6 responses to “Johnny Depp Buys Amber Heard Expensive Diamonds So She Will Love Him – No Fool Like An Old Fool (Photos)”

  1. Money buys happiness.

  2. Avmir says:

    maybe some anniversary? september sounds about right with the time they starting to doing the promotion for their film two years ago and the last year it was also reported how he sent to her flowers and poems every day of “september” too- maybe september is an special month for their relationship (maybe they reunite again, after the shooting of their movie in 2009, in september 2011? and that’s what he celebrates)

  3. jack says:

    he would lost every things he got in last decade , popularity ,respect as a loyal man…..destroyed his family for much younger girl that was be homosexual until last year and isn’t even B list actress. sorry for him and his children .

  4. Simon Bar-El says:

    Siyana you’re a douche.

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  6. Amber is a homewrecker! says:

    It seems so obvious to me and just about everyone with eyes and experience that Amber Heard is using Johnny Depp. I can see that he is doing anything and everything to keep her around. I mean all the lavish gifts are a bit much. A horse, 100.thousand dollar earrings and rings and million dollar homes and naming his island after her and writing the poems everyday and sending her flowers everyday.My God, it is ridiculous. Doesn’t he know that there are plenty of women who would genuinely love him for him,just him! He is truely acting bizarre.I mean he left his family to chase after this no talent, nothing girl and guess what? She still does not really love him. She loves the attention and the potential fame, and that is it. i hate to see johnny become such a joke. It is unbelievable! Oh and now since she is an atheist he is now claiming he is. Also, this takes the cake. This wicked woman actually brags about all of her stupid guns and get this… she shoots and kills innocent animals and even skins and eats some of them. How charming.I swear the more I learn about this girl the more I loathe her. I am totally serious, she said that in an interview about killing animals. You can google it, it is repulsive! She is repulsive.