Josh Hutcherson and Sophie Bush Dating – New Girlfriend and Hot Hookup

Josh Hutcherson and Sophie Bush Dating - New Girlfriend and Hot Hookup

We’ve been trying to keep up with Josh Hutcherson, but his dating life is all over the place! Last week, he was spotted cruising through LA with ex-girlfriend Lanchen Mihalic. Then, he and Selena Gomez were all over each other at the Golden Globes, and eyewitnesses report that the two spent the night together. The latest girlfriend in the mix is Sophia Bush, who is ten years older than him (she’s 30, in a whole different decade of life than him!). A new source reports that they enjoyed a romantic getaway in Hawaii, and that Josh is head over heels!

Josh quietly whisked her away to Hawaii,” reported Star Magazine, print edition January 28, 2013. Josh was on location filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and did his best to make it not an entirely wasted work trip! And while Josh may be high on the thrill of dating an older divorcee (Sophia was married to Chad Michael Murray for a hot minute in 2005—remember?), Sophia reciprocates! Sounds like she’s channeling her energy into the relationship, as she’s out of work since the cancellation of her show Partners.

Sophia and Josh didn’t try to keep their hook up a secret, either. A store employee confirmed their relationship, reporting, “They bought a bottle of liquor, and he had his arm around her. She looked thrilled. It was late at night when they came in.” Not to judge love in any form, but is a late night trip to a grocery store to pick up booze what the kids call romance nowadays? Excusing the fact that Josh has just barely turned 20, what were there plans after they got the liquor?

Hit the hotel room and drink until he doesn’t remember his own name, then fall asleep halfway through a quickie? I don’t even know what to make of this, except that Josh and Sophia must have been rebounding at the same time—right? No matter what their relationship was, this happened a few months ago, as the Hawaii filming wrapped before Christmas. Sophia and Josh shared text messages about the report, and though denied it vehemently, took a minute to laugh at the possibility!

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