Justin Bieber Barred From Sankeys Nightclub Over His Bad Reputation and Weed Smoking!

Justin Bieber Barred From Sankeys Nightclub Over His Bad Reputation and Weed Smoking!

Well, it looks like all of that recent negative publicity might actually have a real effect on Justin Bieber after all! The teen heart throb wrapped up his Manchester, England stop on his Believe tour and Justin was ready to spend the rest of his night out on the town partying. He and his entourage headed over to top hotspot of the moment, Sankeys and guess what? He and his boys couldn’t even get past security to get inside the club! Of course the rumors about Justin being turned away started pretty fast and so Sankey’s took to their website to confirm things.

“Yes the rumours are true, we turned Justin Bieber away. He shuffles on stage and we can’t be having that in Sankeys now can we!

Obviously club owners felt that Justin simply setting foot in the place would make them lose credibility and respect. The shuffling comment likely alludes to Justin’s recent rash of pot smoking, blunt rolling photographs that have painted a quite different picture of the young star. Sankey’s felt that allowing him entrance was an indirect way of approving of his known drug activities when in fact that type of behavior is simply not allowed on their premises.

Do you think other places will follow Sankeys lead and decide that Justin and his fellow druggies aren’t worth the money that they might spend for a few hours of fun? Justin clearly thinks that he can do as he pleases and go where he pleases as well. This one instance is the beginning of a reality check for the young star. Flying in the face of established rules and well placed laws isn’t negotiable just because a million 13 year old girls worship the ground you shuffle on!

Will Justin start to get his behavior under control or is he headed down a really rocky path a’ la Lindsay Lohan? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Now that Justin Bieber has officially earned the rank of lowlife in the United Kingdom do you think he is pleased?  I do.  After all Justin’s role models are degenerate rappers with ‘street cred’ and these people are often refused entrance to nicer places.

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4 responses to “Justin Bieber Barred From Sankeys Nightclub Over His Bad Reputation and Weed Smoking!”

  1. jon hess says:

    if you knew anything about sankeys you would know its a very well known secret that everyone in there is on some form of class a drug, so im pretty sure justin bieber having a reputation for smoking weed is nothing

  2. Dantp says:

    Sankeys is full of pill poppers haha thats not why he was refused!

  3. Ivan Cardona says:

    This is pure bullcrap, Justin went to other clubs during his trip there and everything was fine. They said he behave like a gentleman. This elitist snobish place was influenced by unsubstantiated stories about him in gossip sites. I am not so stupid to believe patrons there are decent churchgoing non-drinking, non drug-taking, non-fornicating saints

  4. […] help that he’s also acting out because he’s uber lonely and depressed. Where are his guy friends? And I’m not talking about his smoking buddies or his lame manager. Kid needs a reality […]