Breaking News: Justin Bieber Fatal Car Crash In California

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Fatal Car Crash In California

In purely tragic news, a photographer has been killed while attempting to photograph Justin Bieber driving his Ferrari on Sepulveda Boulevard near the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Justin was not driving the Ferrari, and may not have been in the car at all, a source reported. The Ferrari’s driver was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, at which time the photographer attempted to photograph the incident. The photographer was told to stop by police officers, who told him to move back because of the unsafe situation.

At some time after that, the photographer was hit by a car and killed. It is unclear if the photographer was on foot or in a vehicle. Although it is likely that the photog was on foot and had left his car to snap better photos. No news about his or her identity has been released. Sources report that neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor.

This is not the first time photographers have put themselves in danger to snap photos of Justin. He’s been chased down freeways multiple times, all for the sake of a picture. We hope the LAPD can clear up the issue, and that everyone involved with Justin stays safe and out of traffic.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet