Justin Bieber Gun Assault Investigation In Progress – Canadian Employee Attacked

Justin Bieber Gun Assault Investigation In Progress – Canadian Employee Attacked

Another day, another bit of negative Justin Bieber drama to report. Seriously, can’t we just make this bratty, blunt smoking, skirt chasing kid go away even for a little while? I guess not, so here we go… Back in November Justin performed a concert at an Ottawa, Canada venue and he was spotted behind the scenes playing with his 3 and 4 year old siblings. They were having a Nerf gun war, shooting kid safe projectile’s when a venue security guard took a direct hit.

It’s a kid’s toys but that didn’t stop the woman from throwing a royal fit. She called the police and filed a report. Not only did they take the report, but the Canadian Mounties apparently took the situation seriously and have even interviewed people that were nearby when the dart hit the victim!

For once it’s really just kid stuff and not Justin getting busted doing something either illegal or morally bankrupt, right? But what this nonsense tells me is that people are more than a little sick of Justin and his antics. The patience threshold is long past and any bit of anything that he does will now make headlines, further attesting to what a true douche bag he is.

Maybe part of the problem is that when he rolls into a new venue he acts like a complete jerk and that makes people want to nail him to the wall for anything at all. One thing is for sure, I bet Selena Gomez is enjoying the constant stream of backlash that Justin is facing. She knows better than anyone who he really is and what he’s capable of. The rest of us are all just beginning to catch up!

While this is a crazy charge, are you sick of hearing about Biebs and the negative drama that seems to be chronically attached to him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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