Justin Bieber Has No Hotel In Beunos Aires, Argentina To Take Selena Gomez Look-Alike Hookers (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber Has No Hotel In Beunos Aires, Argentina: Where Will Biebs Take Selena Gomez Look-Alike Prostitutes (PHOTOS)

Here I thought that Justin Bieber wasn’t too selective about what kind of chicks he was bringing home! As it turns out he really does have a type after all. Basically if she looks and walks like Selena Gomez then Biebs is totally interested. On his Nov. 1st trip to that Brazilian brothel he left with not one, but two women that resembled Selena. He and his posse originally attempted to leave Centaurus with 8 chicks but shortened the list when he realized that they were going to each cost him $1200.

Ironically, Justin and his pals had a hard time finding somewhere to stay because one of the girls was a well known prostitute and therefore banned from several hotels. Justin ended up renting a private Villa in order to get these chicks through the door and into his bed.

Now Justin has been kicked out of ALL the hotels in downtown Buenos Aires according to TMZ! First Justin’s original lodgings, Hotel Faena, booted the Biebs due to his overzealous fans destroying hotel property trying to be the next ones to sleep with Justin.  Then the surrounding joints refused Justin and his entourage for fear of the mayhem that comes with renting to the little whoremonger.  Now Justin is homeless and horny as his harried management search for a place where the tiny terror can lay his head and his next prostitute.

Remember way back when, when Justin was famous for his music, cologne and t-shirts with his face plastered across the front of them? Do you think we’ll ever go back to that or are we only going to talk about his bad behavior for the foreseeable future? Every time Justin makes news it’s either for bad behavior or his friends messing up in a big way. How about Selena – do you think she’s glad to see her ex gallivanting with watered down versions of herself?

Will Justin take the advice of his handlers once and for all and finally start to get himself a little bit under control or does he just like never having to be accountable a little too much to give it up? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Here are some pics of Fernanda Paes – one of Bieber’s Brazilian brothel babes – Selena must be delighted – the other photos are of Justin slithering out of the Centauros Brothel

Photo Credit: Facebook and FameFlynet

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