Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping In Bed by Brazilian Woman on Camera – Another Prostitute? (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping In Bed by Brazilian Woman on Camera - Another Prostitute? (VIDEO)

Justin Beiber has been making so many mistakes one of them was bound to catch up with him. This particular mistake however managed to take video. Right now there is footage floating around of sleeping Justin taken by a presumably Brazilian woman. Just to get credit she manages to get a quick shot of herself in there.

Now, I’m all for not kicking a man wen he’s down but it was morning and I’m pretty sure something was recently up. Thereby making what comes his way all deserved. Justin was dumb. Not only did he allow this stranger back to his place ( the first mistake in any player’s handbook) he also did not stop and frisk. He probably met her the night before and he couldn’t tell if she would kill him in his sleep yet she got to bring her cell into his bedroom.  Sure, he has a weak spot for Latinas (thanks for that Selena) but he should have known better.

Justin is not an average young man. He is a commodity by which many others can pay their bills with. Girls will sell stories about him and these stories will be picked up here at CDL.  Why? The entertainment value is too great.

In a couple of seconds of footage we all got to see several people fail him. We saw a security team failure, entourage failure, and finally an upbringing failure. The two speak for themselves but his mom with the damn book of hers get some wrath too. Parents have to take some failure when Justin became an out of control little brat. Before it was his illegal drinking and now he wants prostitutes to change his diapers for him.  Mind you the next woman won’t rob or beat him either asleep or awake (pretty sure the abs were photo-shopped). Let this be a lesson learned the hard Way.

6 responses to “Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping In Bed by Brazilian Woman on Camera – Another Prostitute? (VIDEO)”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I’m so over this kid already

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    What? The prostie had no comment on the size of his gherkin? Out-of-control little puke is circling the toilet bowl.

  3. Sorry says:

    He is a walking STD!

  4. allie says:

    Walking STD just waiting for his next arrest

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