Justin Bieber Smokes Weed But New Friend Rapper Lil Twist Gets The Blame

Justin Bieber Smokes Weed But New Friend Rapper Lil Twist Gets The Blame

We’re not shocked that Justin Bieber smokes marijuana, but it is surprising that he’d be stupid enough to allow himself to be photographed while doing so! The recently single pop star has been making headlines ever since a tragic car accident involving weed resulted in the death of a photographer. Since then, we’ve been hearing all sorts of reports about Justin’s drug use, and a new story suggests that this is only the beginning of his substance abuse issues.

TMZ reported that Justin has been cozying up with rapper Lil Twist, who was signed by Lil Wayne. The two have been spending excessive time together, locked in Bieber’s Newport Beach hotel room enjoying some Mary Jane—and I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus’ dog! A source said that Lil Twist was rolling blunts for Justin and his friends.

The two have become so close, that Justin lends him his Ferrari. It was Lil Twist who was pulled over by the cops last week before the accident. Photos show Justin with a joint in one hand and a Corona on the coffee table in front of him. All signs point to a Justin who is trying to rebrand himself—not as the sweet, long haired kid who was all “baby, baby, baby,” but a hard core, street wise poser who parties with people way out of his league.

As always, we hope that Justin doesn’t do anything too stupid, like start using real drugs or driving while intoxicated. But that looks like his game plan, considering the people he’s choosing to surround himself with! Where is his mom when he needs a good grounding? Do you think Justin is headed down a dangerous path, or just a young rich kid letting loose and having fun?

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