Watch Justin Bieber and Bodyguards Shopping With Young Girls In West Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber and Bodyguards Shopping With Young Girls In West Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber and his goon squad went shopping in West Hollywood Saturday and we have a large picture set for you below.  I mean seriously, what would rather do on a Sunday afternoon than to look at pictures of the Biebs and his juiced up bodyguards trying to look tough.  In some of the shots one of his team of ugly hired muscle even attempts to look menacing.  The testosterone and other steroids Justin’s private militia take not only blow up their bodies but apparently addle their brains.

Of course Justin still has lots of fans.  I mean so does Alec Baldwin so why not Justin, at least he has youth and cuteness on his side.  A few of these fans spotted their idol as he was heading back to his vehicle and asked for pics which Justin kindly agreed to.  The growling security continued to throw baleful glares at all while Justin treated the delighted fans to some up close and personal time.

The celebrity phenomenon is easy to understand from the perspective of evolutionary psychology or sociobiology – we are intelligent and extremely social animals with hierarchical social systems as a primary organizing principle. This leads us to be slightly obsessed with the dominant members of our tribe.  Celebrities play the role for us of these dominant members.  Experiments with hominids such as Chimpanzees show that if given the choice between enjoying a tasty juice drink or looking at a picture of the dominant member of their community, the majority choose to look at the pic.  Think about that the next time you find yourself gazing at photos or video of your favorite celeb!

Justin Bieber and his crew out shopping in West Hollywood, California on November 16, 2013. Justin stopped to take some pictures with a couple of young girls on his way back to the car.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet