Justin Bieber Stalking Selena Gomez – He Phones Her Over 100 Times A Day

Justin Bieber Stalking Selena Gomez - He Phones Her Over 100 Times A Day

So, we all know Justin Bieber has had a rough 2012 and an even rougher start to 2013. (His car killed a pap, he’s been smoking weed, and he lost his one and only true love.) Bad things happen in threes they say, but lightning never strikes the same place twice. Unfortunately for Bieber, this lightning is striking over 100 times a day. If you’re struggling to understand what we’re saying – there’s a new report on Celebs Gather that Bieber has been crazy-calling Selena Gomez up to 100 times a day. Stalker, much? According to the report, “Apparently Bieber has been desperation-dialing Gomez since her big split in Mexico about a week ago, which had Gomez jetting off before the couple could spend a romantic New Year’s Eve together.

A lovely little source, hiding in the bushes and tapping Bieber’s telephone line alleges, “Justin’s devastated and pathetic right now. He’s calling her 100 times a day and she’s just not picking up.” Well, if our ex went all breathy on us like some poppy serial killer, we too would not be picking up. Time to unplug that phone, Gomez!

Celebs Gather alleges that the report is a bit far-fetched, and while we tend to agree with them, it’s still fun to think of a desperate Bieber phoning his ex a hundred times a day and breathing into the receiver like an asthmatic sex phone operator. Look, the dude’s schedule is insane. He works harder and longer than most natural, normal people. Where would he find time to phone Gomez all the time? Texting is better. Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, revealed that Bieber added a very “heartfelt” song to his acoustic Believe album. This can be seen as a desperate attempt to have Gomez listen to his emotions.  However, we doubt a catchy song would make up for the stalker vibes.

Prepare yourself readers, as it appears that 2013 is going to be the year Bieber goes all batcrap Brit-Brit on us and chases Gomez down the street with a hair clipper, a cell phone, and cultish madness in his eyes.