Justin Bieber Threatened To Kill Neighbor, Spit In His Face, Claims Neighbor – Breaking News!

Justin Bieber Threatened To Kill Neighbor, Spit In His Face, Claims Neighbor - Breaking News! 0327

Don’t tell him this but this sounds like something Lindsay Lohan would have done even when she wasn’t broke as a joke. But surprisingly enough, Lindsay wasn’t anywhere near Justin Bieber’s house when he alleged spit in his neighbor’s face and threatened to kill him.

According to TMZ, yesterday morning Justin decided to take his Ferrari for a spin around his gated community. A bunch of people are on record saying he was driving “insanely fast” probably over 100 mph. This obviously pissed off a few people and one fed up neighbor confronted the emotional pop star about it. TMZ is reporting he told Justin, “You can’t drive like this!” But Justin responded, “Get the fuck out of here,” and then he spit in the guy’s face before saying, “I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

And then the neighbor pissed is pants from laughing. No, sorry I just added that last part.

Justin Bieber’s neighbor filed a battery report but, naturally, Bieber’s people are saying there was no altercation. That’s something else Lindsay Lohan would do!

Hasn’t Justin Bieber spit on someone before? I suppose that’s what bitches do…. I thought his people were having an intervention? I thought they were all sitting down with him to explain that he needs to settle the shit down. I guess not. How can you convince a kid he can’t do whatever he wants when he’s been told his entire life he can and he’s special? Is it too late for Justin? Is he going down that one-way road to child star infamy? It doesn’t look good. I totally believe the neighbor. Why would he lie? Justin got confronted and we all know he isn’t a huge fan of that. Did he take it like a man? Did he listen politely and try to see someone else’s perspective? No. Justin Bieber threatened to kill someone instead because he was in danger of not getting his way. Such a freaking douche.


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