Justin Bieber’s Bad Influence: Man Responsible Revealed By Lil Za – Drugs, Sizzurp, Weed Scandal (Video)

Justin Bieber's Bad Influence: Man Responsible Revealed By Lil Za - Drugs, Sizzurp, Weed Scandal (Video)

Lil Za was greeted by a bunch of photographers last night as he hopped into Justin Bieber‘s Ferrari with another girl. That particular car has been the center of attention since the rapper and his friend Lil Twist became close friends with the singer — from being pulled over three times by the cops for speeding to partly being to blame for the incident last month where a photographer lost his life trying to snap Justin smoking weed. Bieber wasn’t in the car, Lil Twist was.

So, as the rapper – who has yet to drop an album – was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday, the photogs had to question him about the sizzurp stories that have been circulating in the press. Him, Twist and Bieber surrounded themselves around the liquid drug last month and the photos have been making they way on the internet, currently being sold to the highest bidder. When asked about it, Za started to act real dumb when he replied saying: “What, you mean apple syrup?”, “What are you talking about?”, “I like maple syrup”… “What is sizzurp?”.

Then it all started to go downhill when one of TMZ’s cameramen asked a really stupid question. Not realizing that Za was driving Justin’s car, the fella says: “How can you keep riding Bieber’s ride if you got a sweet ride like this dawg” to why the rapper responded to, saying: “Huh? You didn’t make sense. Why would you ask a dumb question?” That’s probably the only time we had to agree with this little douchebag.

He later on continue to rant about the entertainment site, claiming that they don’t know anything about him. He shouted: “TMZ, f**k you cos you don’t know nothing about me… West Life, tupac.” before being asked who the bad influence was on Bieber: “.. the devil… blame the devil.”

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