Justin Theroux Wants To Dump Jennifer Aniston – She’s Hates Sex – Report

Justin Theroux Wants To Dump Jennifer Aniston - She’s Hates Sex - Report

Is it surprising to learn that, when it comes to sex, Jennifer Aniston isn’t willing to do anything but lie there? The declining actress became engaged last year to Justin Theroux, and has been raining on his parade ever since. She’s overhauled his diet, vetoed his friends, changed his wardrobe, and now she’s killed his sex life! The stud may have thought that, because she’s so slutty in D-level romantic comedies, she enjoys real-life sex, but nothing could be further from the truth!

She makes up every excuse to skip sex,” an insider told Star Magazine, print edition February 18, 2013. Like what? Long day tomorrow being on vacation and having no responsibilities? How on earth does that work with him? The spoiled celeb “never initiates” sex, and we bet Justin is thrilled with the turn of events. She may have a killer bod, but that doesn’t mean she knows how to use it! Or even wants to use it!

I guess this means we shouldn’t be hoping for a baby anytime soon! During the rare occasions when they do have sex, Jen “just lays there and wants to do none of the work.” Every man’s dream—and on top of the laziness, she whines! “She’ll complain that she’s too tired or that her back hurts.” I don’t know much about menopause, but isn’t part of the deal supposed to be decreased sex drive? Jen isn’t getting any younger; could her chance at motherhood have already passed her by?

It would be kind of a relief to know that Jen will never impart her wisdom on an impressionable mind. Can you imagine what her child would be like? A mini version of herself—double date beauty appointments, unending vanity, and gorgeously shaped eyebrows (I know that’s not a bad thing, but you know that with parents like Jen and Justin, this kid would be gorgeous)! Do you think Jen should have a baby, or does her laid-back sex attitude mean she doesn’t deserve one since she won’t do the work?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet