Kanye West Avoiding Kim Kardashian In L.A. – Is The Relationship Over?

Kanye West Avoiding Kim Kardashian In L.A. - Is The Relationship Over? 0526

This just looks bad. First Kim Kardashian followed Kanye West all the way to Paris when he conveniently skipped off to Milan. Now they’re actually in the same city but haven’t actually been seen together. And to answer your question, yes, both Kim and Kanye have both been papped out alone with other people. So what gives? Are they basically over? Are they trying to keep it together but finding their “separate lives” are pulling them in opposite directions?

No one knows for sure but I can tell you one thing, they both look extra miserable lately. Kim might have an excuse. The eight-month pregnant Kim Kardashian keeps stuffing her feet in uncomfortable shoes while she poses for the paps so that might have something to do with her recent sour expressions but Kanye’s always wearing sneakers so I have to guess at why his smile is always upside down. I assume it’s because of the circus that follows him around 24/7 nowadays. I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded it if it had more to do with his music but because it has everything to do with who he knocked up he’s a little on the pissy side.

But maybe this is an incognito thing they’re trying to do. Maybe they’re hooking up on the sly. We heard reports before that Kanye was going to all the doctors appointments without anyone knowing. Maybe this couple can be covert when it wants to be. I’ll give them that. It would show a semblance of maturity and intelligence but I’m willing to concede that those two things can grow on people. But still… this just doesn’t seem right, does it? Kanye looks like he’s super hard to deal with right now. And after this shit storm is over they’re going to take the baby on the road? Does the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West relationship have a chance in hell? Is Kanye West avoiding her or are they just avoiding the media scrutiny?


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18 responses to “Kanye West Avoiding Kim Kardashian In L.A. – Is The Relationship Over?”

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  2. mb says:

    Just because the paparazzi has not snapped pictures of them together, means they are avoiding each other? Who’s reporting this a 15 year old?

    • JUSTICE says:

      someone in pimpmommas pocket …
      doubt they are kidding anyone at this point …..
      but as long as pimpmomma pays for PR it will continue ..

  3. mollymoon says:

    it’ll be over soon after the baby is born but kept up for appearances alone…sadly for the child, they won’t stay together but it’ll be good for the rest of the world.

  4. waggles says:

    who gives a rats ass

  5. rejco says:

    “Relationship”…is that what they’re calling this charade?

  6. Sha Har says:

    I think they are together now. Check her twitter and she has no activity for a day. She lives on twitter. Kanye has her hiding out! It’s a pap free zone. She will do what he says because she don’t want to lose him.

  7. K K says:

    She didnt follow him to Paris. He was NEVER in Paris. He flew from NY to Milan after she left. She had work & a shoot with Karl Lagerfeld. Why is it so hard to report facts?

  8. JUSTICE says:

    she ain’t really pregnant ya’ll …
    kanye has no connection to her except for a PR contract …
    kimode, pimpmomma have crossed the line with the ‘staged’ fraud ‘ …
    kimode is a blacklisted assclown …a laughingstock …
    even her outsourced indian twitterbots can’t save her now ….DUNZO…

  9. lilgrandma says:

    In a way can’t blame him b/c she is just a joke of the day anymore!! And the dumbass knew who she was and still is.And i do think he is here for the baby only b/c if he really love her he be by her side no matter what!But he is even ashame of her so sad!Sometimes it’s not good to wish for something like kanye.B/c now he got 18 yrs LOL!! They both ask for it!! kanye needs to go face to face with kris and put his foot up her ass! And then put the other one on kim!!!

  10. Rachael says:

    Yeah, he’s going to all the baby appts. incognito. WHatever. She got dumped just like a lot of women who get pregant before they get married. She didn’t date him long enogh before she decided to get herself knocked up and this is what happens. It’s called a break-up and she is going to be a single mom. Not too hard to figure out.

  11. Pamela says:

    Oh god, they’re doomed. It might not be today, or tomorrow, but soon.

  12. earsucker says:

    Let’s hope he has smartened up enough to get rid of her

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