Kanye West Desperate For A Son, Kim Kardashian Refuses To Get Pregnant and Have Another Child

Kanye West Desperate For A Son, Kim Kardashian Refuses To Get Pregnant and Have Another Child

Even though North West isn’t even a year old, Kanye West is apparently already dreaming of adding a baby boy to the family. According to reports, Kanye really wants to have a son, supposedly so that North will have a baby brother to play with. But really, I’m sure Kanye just wants to raise a Kanye mini-me.

Of course, will Kim Kardashian ever agree to this, especially so soon after giving birth to North? Yes, she will do anything and everything to please Kanye, but this might be stretching it [see what I did there?]. Kim literally just spent months recovering from her pregnancy and losing all the baby weight, and now that she’s finally in a position to walk outside without being called a whale, I doubt she’s going to go back to it so quickly.

Alas, Hollywood Life’s ‘sources’ don’t agree with this theory, and they claim that Kanye and Kim BOTH want to have another kid, preferably a boy. Their sources claim, “One boy and one girl is ideal for them. Of course they really wouldn’t care if they had another girl but how sweet would it be for North to have a brother. Kanye wants his daughter to grow up with a brother.”

Riiiight. I’m sure Kanye ‘wouldn’t care’ if he had another girl, even though he was reportedly hoping for a boy even before North was born. This ‘source’ loses all credibility by saying Kanye’s hoping to drive the kids to school and help them with their homework, and continue to be a ‘hands-on dad like he is now‘. Uh, hands-on dad? In what universe is Kanye a hands-on dad? He’s barely at home! He’s often touring around the world and even when he’s at home, he stays in another house!

I have no question that Kanye wants another kid, and he probably has no idea how difficult it is to raise a kid since he’s missing all the grunt work. But I think even Kim would put her foot down at having another kid so quickly. There’s no way she’s walking down the aisle carrying that kind of baby weight.

  • Angel 2009

    Really, really hope this is NOT true! Couldn’t take another seven months of media scrutiny of Kimmode’s horrendous maternity wear and her pregnancy drama plastered inyourface everywhere!