Kim Kardashian Pregnant Again: Kanye West Wants A Son Now (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Again: Kanye West Wants A Son Now

The current issue of OK Magazine features the cover story, “Kim Pregnant again.”  In the bombshell story this week’s magazine is revealing that reality star, Kim Kardashian is following in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps and she’s pregnant again.  It seems that her fiance megalomaniac Kanye West wants a son, what Kanye wants, Kanye gets!

Kanye is happy with his daughter North West, but nothing makes a man feel like a man than having a son, right?  So that is just what Kanye wants, a son to inherit his empire.  After all Kanye is a King and he needs a Prince.   He told Kim in no uncertain terms, he wants her pregnant again, NOW!.  Kanye doesn’t care that Kim’s first pregnancy was hard on her and she needs to give her battered body a rest.  Kim put on a whopping 70 lbs the first time round, was swollen, bloated and stressed, “her first pregnancy almost destroyed her.”

If you’ve seen Kanye in any interviews recently you know that he is conceited with delusions of grandeur.  With comments like he is a legend, the voice of this generation, a creative genius and on and on and on – he is living on the edge of reality and insanity and in my opinion ready for a 5150 hold.  Do you really think someone who believes these things is giving Kim any choices. No way!  Kanye has given Kim an ultimatum, pop a boy out or hit the road.  Kim is so obsessed with Kanye she agreed right away.

I am so hoping that this is just groundless speculation by OK! but I would not be surprised if Kim was indeed again pregnant.  What do you think guys and gals?  Thoughts?

Image Credit: OK!

  • Oh how I hope this is try.

  • Angel 2009

    Can’t see her getting knocked up now with a supposed extravaganza wedding in the works for next summer – even worse would be more endless months of Kimmode’s whining about a miserable pregnancy again!

  • Victoria McGuire

    She’d only give in this soon if they do it via surrogacy. She wants to be in Playboy, and photographed in a bikini shots of her hippo ass and watermelon boobs pushed up by spanx to look even larger along with her fake olive tanning. Disgusting people, these two.

  • Sharmagne Weston

    If that is the case, I predict there us something wrong with North. They have hid her and left her home for days on end. Having another baby is a do over.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    LOL I totally would not doubt it – no one says to Kanye!

  • drdebo cherry

    having babies taken at 7.5 months by c-secton- is not being pregnant and giving birth- is is a version of incabation and more like test-tube hatching than conception-pregnancy-birth.

    • Megan Jenna-Lynn Avin

      You’re completely wrong! A baby growing inside of you is called being pregnant and she had no choice but to give birth by c-section or both of them could have lost their lives. She didn’t choose to have her baby ealry or to have a c-section. You clearly have no knowledge on the situation, therefore you shouldn’t comment.

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