Leyla Ghobadi Admits She Lied!! Kanye West Did NOT Cheat on Kim Kardashian!

Leyla Ghobadi Admits She Lied!! Kanye West Did NOT Cheat on Kim Kardashian!

Looks like someone’s got a case of the guilties… News broke over the last few days that Kanye West had been getting down ‘n’ dirty with someone that wasn’t his baby mama while with Kim Kardashian – the allegations included a tryst even after Kim was pregnant with Kanye’s baby girl – however, it seems as though the other woman, Leyla Ghobadi, is feeling a little guilty about her home wrecking allegations, and is backtracking on her claims.

Perhaps it’s the birth of the couple’s first child that has cleared up her seemingly hazy recollection of events, or maybe it was all just one big fib to begin with? The latter seeming most probable, since Leyla’s story has now taken a complete 180 turn! She’s now insisting that her alleged affair with Kanye, happened before he got together with reality star, Kim Kardashian, but is sticking with her her tale of bedding the hit-maker, and warns the rapper is not to be trusted.

She claims (to The Sun) that she and Kanye had sex multiple times in 2011, and that the star even flew her out to Toronto for some of his shows, but said: “This was all before Kim Kardashian and he never spoke about her. But what I do know is that Kanye is a Romeo, he can never be trusted.”

Seems as though someone’s getting tangled in a web of lies. Even if it is true, and Leyla did in fact bump uglies with Yeezy, surely it’s not exactly ground breaking news that he got busy with someone other than Kim prior to their relationship?

Like many a fame-seeker before her, Leyla was probably just hoping for her 15 minutes in the spotlight, but guess she should have given more thought to her grand reveal to avoid the inevitable embarrassment that comes with a faulty story.

Better luck next time, Leyla; until then, maybe less-than-scandalous sexcapade tales are probably best kept for drinks with the girls….