Kate Gosselin Back To School: Trying To Gain Mom Followers By Tweeting About Preparing Her Children

Kate Gosselin Trying To Gain Mom Followers By Tweeting About Preparing Her Children For Back To School

Kate Gosselin continues her attempt to gain more followers, this time by appealing to other moms. While the presence of the mom contingent on Twitter is still low compared to teenagers and young 20s professionals, it’s slowly growing. And while it’s growing, it’s also becoming more vocal. Moms are becoming a major voice online, and Kate’s fan base for her past reality shows also falls smack dab into the center of that demographic.

So we’ve reported many times before that Kate’s been gunning for another reality show. Her exclusive on People and the accompanying interview was pretty much a beggy method of asking for another show. Will she get it? Well, she still needs to prove that people will watch her. People watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight and still do because of the drama caused by Kate and Jon’s disagreements. If it’s just her and her kids, where will the controversy come from? Like moths to flame, the public is drawn to reality shows because of their dysfunctionality, one of the main reasons Keeping Up With the Kardashians does so well. They don’t want to tune in to watch a single mother raising her kids and tweeting every week, they want drama. And can Kate provide that?

For now, I think she’s just trying to prove she still has a fan base, and what better way to relate to her fan base than to tweet about getting ready for school – something millions of moms across the country are also doing. For example, she tweeted, “Good day…..it’s hair cut day here in prep for school starting! ✂✂✂✂✂.” Again, something anyone can relate to. Instead of tweeting about tragedies and controversies that she doesn’t understand, this is a much better alternative.

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  • MakeHerUp

    I really wish she’d just go back into obscurity

  • SWA

    I don’t want to look at Kate again on TV…ever! I don’t want to watch her yell at people and treat them like a bug under the rug like she did Jon. Too tragic!

  • Angel 2009

    Please! Please! Please someone hack her Twitter and shut her up!! Manipulative fame whore!

  • twelfthnight

    You’d know what show I’d watch? “Kate minus 8: Kids Taken by the State”. What a terrible mother to constantly pimp her children out like she does.

  • dessertgirl

    The only thing that might get Kate attention is if she tried another invitro and had another litter. That is the only thing she is useful for — a lab rat!

  • dessertgirl

    The only thing Kate is able to talk about is herself.