Kate Gosselin Bully Alert! – Wants Us To Know That She Was Bullied Too

Kate Gosselin Bully Alert! - Wants Us To Know That She Was Bullied Too

Do you feel sorry for Kate Gosselin yet? She has survived a lousy marriage, several failed reality shows and then there was that horrendous stint on Dancing with the Stars. She seems to have realized that her reality television days are behind her and perhaps the best way to even slightly repair her reputation is to now begin to seem relatable, almost girl-next-door-like!

Kate has started a very normal mommy blog over at The Stir where she is trying to fit in rather than bring a hailstorm of negative publicity in the door with her. She has discussed moving, getting older and kids science projects. Now she wants the world to know that she has been a victim of bullying ever since stepping into the public eye.

Didn’t we already kind of know this? I mean a lot of the negative press borders on bullying and that press comes from the things that Kate herself has said and done. If you remember back a few years when she filmed her reality show with now ex-husband Jon, she was accused of being a horrible bully to him!  Kate was nasty and mean all the time in their joint interview footage. Part of the public backlash at first came because of Kate’s treatment of Jon. She was labeled the bully but seems to have forgotten that while trying to play victim here.

I know Kate’s aim here is for people to identify with her experiences and at one time or another in our lives most of us have been bullied, so we get it. But Kate my dear, people in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones unless they want a whirlwind of negative comments to follow!

Should Kate even broach the subject of bullying and expect people to have short term memory? Do you think she was originally a bully to her ex husband? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • stef

    Amazing how she didn’t speak up against bullying when it was her own 2 children who were expelled from their private school for bullying.

  • Who cares she needs to get over it smh!!!

  • She is looking for attention once again. Her bullying of Jon AND all who came in contact with them over the years has been forgotten by her. And her silly fans. It is ridiculous she is crying about this. While the constant attacks on twitter ARE stupid and over the line a lot, SHE has really brought this on herself. She LIES constantly. She is forever contradicting herself or just plain lying. Then gets mad at the person who points it out and calls them jealous. LOL Jealous of what exactly? A lonely woman who can’t seem to find a man who can stand her? A woman who has a HUGE mortgage and so many helpers to pay? LOL nah. I will keep my great life. Thanks anyway.

  • KatieGDeares

    Umm that would be a big fat no! Kate didn’t have anything to say when her 2 kids were expelled for bullying.. Ya know hitting other kids, just those special moments they learned from Kate Dearest

    She’s just looking to find someone to sue, that is her tagline “can we sue?”. Kate is the same person as she was when she said “Yes!” when her friend lost her babies because she was worried her money train might stop.

    I cannot wait until Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World by Robet Hoffman is re-released.. Evil like Kate doesn’t change and she’s the bully.

  • Eile

    You’re a bully, you should do something about all the hate inside you, look at yourself and remember we are all Gods children, he is not happy with your obsessive hate for Kate- only you can change that. Get a life and stop hurting Kate’s kids. I never watched her show but you have no regard for her children at all.