Kate Gosselin Calls Her Anti-Asian Racism “Innocent Family Fun” – Ignorance or Arrogance?

Kate Gosselin Calls Her Anti-Asian Racism "Innocent Family Fun" - Ignorance or Arrogance?

Remember that infamous hard drive of Kate Gosselin’s that somehow ended up in her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin’s hands? Remember how, when he was hard up for cash he decided to hand over Kate’s scathing journal that was on the hard drive?  At the very least, that is how Kate has explained the story and why she has been gunning for her ex for awhile now.

The other day a brand spankin’ new Twitter account surfaced that featured a pic of Kate messing around with her eyes in order to look Asian. Of course within 5 minutes of being posted a huge war broke out online between her fans and haters.  People demanded an explanation and so of course Kate obliged.

It was a happy time for me and Jon, smiling and “goofing off” together. Jon and I were opening fan mail together one afternoon — which often filled the garage of our Elizabethtown home — and when we opened this plastic Asian dress up wig sent from a caring fan, we smiled, each taking turns posing in it and snapping photos (on my phone) of each other. Naturally, I “slanted” my eyes to show him my best Asian impression, which made him smile.

C’mon now you knew that Kate would come up with an innocent explanation for the situation. She says the photo was taken at a time when they were discussing on camera how she is the only one in the family that isn’t Asian and so the gift and goofing around made sense.

Kate also says that this photo was on the hard drive that her ex had so she pretty much blames him directly for this recent rash of drama and bad press. She is said to be looking into taking legal action. Aren’t we sick of the drama between these two yet? It’s another case of being famous for being famous. I wonder if Jon purposely plants stuff just to get a mention in the press, making him relevant again. Do you think so? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Innocent family fun?… only if your family is in the KKK. Kate calls it ‘innocent family fun’ – do you think intelligent or kind Americans, Asian or otherwise, agree?  How does Kate do Jews or Blacks when she is enjoying her innocent family fun?  This creature is a mommy blogger?