Kate Gosselin Is A Racist, Mocks Asians In Twitter Photo

Kate Gosselin Is A Racist, Mocks Asians In Twitter Photo

Is anybody really surprised at this? Kate Gosselin has drawn criticism and outrage after  a picture of herself online clearly mocking Asians surfaced earlier today. In the photo, she seems to be wearing a Geisha-style headpiece, and is pulling her eyes to the side.

Of course, she has not mentioned the picture in any of her numerous tweets and is trying to pretend like nothing happened. I mean, it’s almost ridiculous in this day and age to think that anybody, especially celebrities [and I use that term loosely] would think it’s ok to post an image of themselves pulling their eyes and pretending to be Asian. I mean, come on!

It just goes to show – no matter how many times Kate Gosselin likes to pretend that she’s ‘changed’, she does stuff like this which shows you that she’s as big of an attention-seeking famewhore as she was a few years ago. And then she also tweets insufferable comments like: “Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits. To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. Stay strong.” Basically, she’s trying to say that she’s a ‘big spirit’ and she will continue ignoring all the little minions criticizing her because she’s destined for ‘greatness’. Bitch, please. The only thing you’re destined for is a reality show about what NOT to do in the public eye. Although she would probably be ecstatic with even that.

I get the feeling that lately, she’s been pulling ridiculous publicity stunts like this to get more attention and possibly land herself another reality show. She claims to be down on her expenses, and is suing her ex-husband for child support, so she’s clearly desperate for more money. She’s also probably desperate to be relevant again, so this is her chance to prove that she can still stir up controversy and people will pay attention to her.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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