Kate Gosselin Shocks On Celebrity Wife Swap: Proves She’s Better Mother Than Kendra Wilkinson

Kate Gosselin Shocks On Celebrity Wife Swap: Proves She's Better Mother Than Kendra Wilkinson

Did you catch last night’s episode of Celebrity Wife Swap?  It got a lot of advance publicity because Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson were the first celebs to switch places this season. I was expecting a total disaster and for Kate to live up to her horrendous reputation. Imagine my utter shock when I ended up kind of liking her!  She seemed very normal and like you’d expect a hands on mother of 8 to be. Spending a week in a house with only one child was a cake walk for her and even Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett really seemed to like her!

Kate’s advice to Kendra was simply to appreciate her husband more and to focus on her son because he’s growing  and changing by the minute. Nothing harsh or super critical. She also came across like a burnt out, over worked mom, as she should be with 8 kids. Kate obviously is very hands on with her family and the proof was in their behavior. Even more than Kate, I was watching her kids and they seem pretty amazing to me. Yes they have chores, but shouldn’t they? And she swears by a schedule but with 8 kids, shouldn’t she? It’s the only way to keep track of everyone! Her kids were polite and responsible but also know how to have fun.   The media has shredded Kate in the past for rumored bad parenting, but over all these kids must have a pretty decent role model or else we would seen it in the kids.

The whole episode made me wonder if perhaps Kate has learned something after all. Sure she’s obviously still a fame whore but that doesn’t necessarily make her a bad mother, now does it? Is it time to cut Kate even the slightest bit of a break? Did you watch the show last night? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet