Kate Gosselin’s Dating Reality Show Destined To Fail Due To Her Vow of Celibacy

Kate Gosselin's Dating Reality Show Destined To Fail Due To Her Vow of Celibacy

Now that Kate Gosselin‘s cookbook has failed so drastically, you have to wonder what her next step will be. It’s been several years since her reality show went off the air, and apart from her Twitter followers, she has yet to prove that she has a passionate fan base.

Well, first of all, the idea of a reality star having a ‘fan base’ is odd to begin with – the reason their shows do well is because people are weirdly fascinated by the idiotic and famewhorey lifestyle that reality stars live, and it’s a way to observe and laugh at them without being directly involved. It’s voyeurism at its crappiest.

Kate should have realized that nobody would buy her book, considering she’s not a professional cook nor is she in any way qualified to discuss cooking recipes. But since the failure of her cookbook, there have been rumors that Kate’s been trying for a dating reality show, despite the fact that she pretty much has a non-existent dating life.

Think about it – Kate tweets like her life depends on it, and she can hardly stand to stay away from the spotlight for more than a couple of weeks at a time. If she had a boyfriend, you think we wouldn’t have heard about it? And if she can’t get a boyfriend in relative privacy, then how is she going to manage on a reality show?

Of course, that’s all considering the idea that she’s even offered her own reality show. With the failure of her recent endeavors, I don’t think any network or executive would be willing to bet on her. Kate’s time in the spotlight is over, and there’s not much she can do to bring it back. She promoted her cookbook like her life depended on it, and see how abysmally it did in sales. Why would anyone take a financial risk on a has-been reality star with eight children and a non-existent private life?

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  • debbiehm

    Her entire future was planned on the fact that she would be rich forever simply if she could make herself get pregnant with HOM…she manipulated the system and got 8 kids…She herself said she thought the show would go on through the college years…Imagine her horror now that she realizes she actually has to PAY for these kids when she planned on THEM paying HER way forever more:) Of course she is panicked…She never planned on her “adoring” fans getting put off by her diva behavior and abandoning her….

  • lukebandit

    Hahahaha! Vow of Celibacy? kate Gosselin??? Have you heard of her bodyguard, Steve Neild? They have had a relationship for years. She only wants him. She thinks she can do a dating show for the big payday and pretend to really like a man for show and then she would make sure they would break up. She is a liar, manipulator and all around bad egg.

    • Lucy Di Poce Bonomo

      I think she was boinking Steve before she separated from Jon. After she threw Jon out he went a little wild. I mean seriously, she brings her boobygaurd, I mean bodyguard everywhere. Poor kids get no bodyguard…Kate’s the only one that needs protection..LOL! Just my opinion of course.

      • dessertgirl

        Absolutely. She was traveling with connecting rooms for over a year. I expect he wouldn’t boink her now unless she is paying him more money.

  • AMC71873

    First of all Kate is not all wrong.. There must be thousand of “no talent” just like her who would do ANYTHING to get on a reality tv show even if it required her suitor’s to date her. There are no extremes people won’t do for the fame and money. In Kate’s warped mind she could have this fake relationship. She could keep him in the Jon’s old garage apartment and let him out only for shooting the show. After all she faked a loving marriage with Jon why not fake a boyfriend.

    • dessertgirl

      Remember the FAKE tv wedding in Hawaii? In June she is telling the kids that this is to show that mommy and daddy will always love each other and be together and then in November, it’s kaputs.