Kate Gosselin Files Bogus Lawsuit Against Jon and Robert Hoffman To Promote Her Cookbook

Kate Gosselin Files Bogus Lawsuit Against Jon and Robert Hoffman To Promote Her Cookbook

Are there any lengths that Kate Gosselin won’t go to in order to promote her own cookbook? She’s already landed a cover on People Magazine, pimped out her children on her blog, and now, she’s filed reportedly filed a bogus lawsuit against Jon Gosselin.

For those who haven’t been following Kate’s shenanigans, she recently filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Jon Gosselin and the author of her tell-all book Robert Hoffman. She claims that they hacked into her personal files, and that they obtained their information for the book through illegal means. Neither Jon nor Robert will cop to that, so Kate has sued them.

However, sources have come forward and stated that the lawsuit is completely bogus, and Kate’s only filing it to prevent the tell-all book from hitting bookshelves. She’s also reportedly hoping the lawsuit will also bring some much needed promotion to her upcoming cook book, which will probably need all the help it can get.

Why does this not surprise me? First of all, the lawsuit always seemed like a bunch of bogus nonsense, largely because why would Jon need to hack into her files when he had access to them anyway? Secondly, a tell-all book is just that, a tell-all book. Without a proper injunction, you can’t prevent them from reaching bookshelves, and Kate’s already shut down production on the books once before. So the fact that she’s using this whole drama to promote her cookbook makes perfect sense. When you think about it, this whole lawsuit situation has been going on for some time, so why did she decide to file it now, right before her book releases? Her timing was always suspicious, but it all makes sense now.

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