Kate Gosselin Must Sue Her Own Children After Jon Drags The Kids Into Robert Hoffman Lawsuit

Kate Gosselin Must Sue Her Own Children After Jon Drags The Kids Into Robert Hoffman Lawsuit

Well, Jon Gosselin definitely knows how to fight dirty. After Kate Gosselin filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against him that claimed he had leaked her private information to Robert Hoffman [the author of her unpublished tell-all book], Jon is now using their children to get Kate to drop the lawsuit.

According to court documents acquired by Radar Online, Jon’s attorney is adamant about Kate’s claims of Jon hacking into her cell phone, banking, and email records not being true. Jon’s explanation for how Robert accessed the information is that the flash drives containing all this information were thrown out, and Robert must have dug through the trash and discovered the information – something that Robert actually corroborates in his story.

Apparently, Kate finds that too hard to believe and continues to claim that Jon was involved somehow. Now, where the children come in is that Jon claims that the children were the ones who disposed of the flash drives. Jon explains that when he moved out of the family house, he backed everything on flash drives and discs that he left behind for the kids. But the kids later told him how the hard drives were ‘disposed of’, with a source adding, “The children told Jonathan that Kate (and a friend of hers) threw away in the trash everything left behind in the apartment. Jonathan has not wrongfully access any computer, online accounts, or telephone belonging to Kate—it is far more plausible that Kate herself threw out the DVDs in the trash.”

Basically, Kate has absolutely no proof that Jon hacked into her private information, and if she were to continue on this blame game, she’d have to point the blame towards her children. Harsh, Jon, harsh.

Of course, Kate’s attorneys aren’t giving up yet, but at this point, all they have is pure conjecture. I don’t see how she’s going to win this case.

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