Kate Gosselin Fights With Jon Over Lawsuit – Judge Involved

Kate Gosselin Fights With Jon Over Lawsuit - Judge Involved

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin‘s battles never seem to end, whether they’re divorce related or custody related. The latest fight brewing between them has been over Kate’s lawsuit against Jon for hacking, wiretapping and identity theft. However, Jon is fighting back against the million dollar lawsuit with a motion to dismiss the claims, calling it a ‘fishing expedition’.

It’s hard not to disagree with him, considering Kate will have to search high and dry to find evidence linking Jon to the scandal. It all started when Robert Hoffman, the author of Kate’s tell-all book, ended up publishing details in the books that Kate alleges could only have been acquired through theft. She then accused Jon of conspiring with Robert to hack into her private details, claiming that since Jon and Robert were acquaintances, it was likely that they worked together to damage her name.

Anyway, Jon’s clearly gotten sick of the speculation surrounding the lawsuit because according to Radar Online, documents filed by his lawyers on October 22nd show that he’s filed a motion to dismiss the claims made against him. In the documents, he explains that Kate’s complaints hold little hard evidence, and are merely ‘threadbare recitals‘ of her accusations. The documents also explain that Kate’s complaints are too vague, and she didn’t even specify which accounts were supposedly ‘hacked’ into. Finally, he ends the motion with, “[Kate’s complaints] are pure speculation, a fishing expedition, and should be treated as such.”

In my opinion, both Kate and Jon deserve each other, but in this particular case, Jon’s arguments make more sense. Kate may have her gut instinct and she’s probably not wrong in her suspicion that Jon and Robert worked together, but she’s going to have a hell of a time proving it – and what’s a lawsuit with no proof?

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