Kate Gosselin Threatened By Jon Gosselin With Shocking Tell All Book

Kate Gosselin Threatened By Jon Gosselin With Shocking Tell All Book

Jon Gosselin is about three seconds away from snapping and releasing a tell-all book about Kate Gosselin. I’m not sure what caused Jon to reach this breaking point, but he gave a really candid interview to a website called dadsrountable.com about his new life, how he doesn’t have any money, and why his relationship with Kate is so terrible.

Jon admits that he’s finally speaking out about everything after four years of silence because of all the rumors floating around regarding Kate’s impending lawsuit against Jon and Robert Kaufman, the man who managed to obtain information from Kate’s private computer [supposedly with Jon’s help] and wrote a tell-all about her. Although that book never made it to release, Kate’s still spitting mad about the whole thing and she’s previously stated that she’s not backing down.

Jon said in the interview, “I haven’t spoken in four years, so now I’m doing stuff and it is all coming out because I don’t care anymore. Are you going to sue me? I don’t care. I’ll go to court by myself and for what? For freedom of speech? For freedom of expression? For actually telling the truth? I’m not under injunction anymore and I think that’s the fear of the network and the fear of my former wife but the truth is actually going to come out because one day, I’m just going to snap. Then it is all going to come out. I’m not bashing her (Kate) but she has got to do what’s right for the kids. You know? When lies come out, I’m going to defend myself. I’ll go to court and tell the judge, here’s the proof, this is what my child wants, and no more B.S. and branding and marketing and product placement. They’re children. The court’s job is to protect the children, not us.”

Well, it’s certainly true that Kate uses her children for her own gain, something which we’ve covered extensively at CDL. And while Jon is right about the court protecting the children, I don’t know how he thinks his broke ass is going to be able to afford a lawyer.

Jon also reveals that he’s written a book, but that he’s never leaked any information about Kate in the past. He claims that he could have made a fortune selling everything he knew about her, but he refrained from doing so. And then of course, he’s slyly adding that while he has his tell all book, he doesn’t know if he wants to publish it or not. You guys know what he’s doing right? He’s telling Kate to back off, or she’s going to end up regretting it. Nicely played, Jon Gosselin. May the battles continue.

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5 responses to “Kate Gosselin Threatened By Jon Gosselin With Shocking Tell All Book”

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  2. debbiehm says:

    Jon, I will buy your book…publish the truth and put that bitch back in her place…She had been lying about you for years…I am so sick of hearing the “single mother”crap I could SCREAM…She acts like they have never even had a father or continue a relationship with one…she had the money so she made the rules…but that is changing now that the money is leaking out bucketfuls with her trying to maintain a lifestyle she can no longer pay for…the field is finally evening out…so WRITE IT JON…

  3. Angel 2009 says:

    Both of these boring, bickering fame whores need to stfu because they are irrelevant now and their 15 is over!

  4. SWA says:

    I’m so sick of everyone turning the other cheek to this woman and her wrong doings. It seems to me that Kate consistently get away with a whole lot (ex. Not working) What is she doing for support? Living off the money the “kids” made when they were filming? While everyone just picks at Jon (Thanks to Kate for throwing him under the bus every chance she got in the media which is red flags to networks) and that for not having a job and he got one. We all saw how Kate was when she had her show with Jon. If Jon has written a book, I will buy it in a heart beat. I would like to know the other side of the Gosselin hell.

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